Attention Runners--Coupon Attached!

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Hey guys!
Ok, so a couple days ago, I ordered a Road ID bracelet from If you have never heard of this product then go to their website and check it out. A Road ID is basically a type of identity that runners usually wear somewhere on their person when they are out running. I prefer the bracelet ID, but some people like the shoe ones. Anyways, it gives a brief rundown of your name, DOB, emergency contacts, and any medical information someone would need to know if something happened to you while you were running. I have worn one for awhile, and I still hadn't changed my last name or emergency contacts on my old one, so I ordered a new bracelet.
Anywho, when I ordered it, the company sent me a coupon for all of my friends! If you use it, you get $1 off any Road ID order placed by 05/24/2012. If you are interested, then go to and use this coupon number: ThanksBrittney13864750

or click the link below:

Here is the type of bracelet I use...the wrist ID slim!

Check them out!

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