The Final Countdown.

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Well friends, it's that time again. The time where I pretty much do nothing but eat and chug water and slow down on the running. That's's taper week!
Guess what is in 5 days?! BOSTON. THE BOSTON MARATHON.
Umm, when did this happen? I swear it feels like I just raced in Houston.

This year's Boston will be my fifth full marathon. So crazy.
I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons I am running this year is because I am prideful and need some sort of redemption. Plus, I love to run ;)
 Last year, I ran my worst race yet. I finished Boston in 45 minutes slower than my qualifying time, due to  intensely high heat and a super high heart rate. Not something to mess with when you have a heart condition.

I am planning on running this year's race for my own personal redemption and to beat my Houston PR.
My training so far has been WAY better than my training last year. I'm not 100% sure why that is, but I feel stronger, faster, and fitter. I am ready.

I am what is considered a "squeaker". If you receive Runner's World, then you probably have read the article about "squeakers" and the Boston Marathon. Basically, I barely squeak in. Squeakers qualify by 5 minutes or less. 5 minutes on the dot, yall. I am not ashamed of this. I am fast, but not fast enough to be considered in the first wave. Which I am totally ok with. I am perfectly fine with being in the front of the second wave. (There are 3 waves and MANY MANY corrals within the waves for the race)
I deserve to be there just as much as the next person, regardless of the time I qualified in. I still qualified and I plan on running to the best of my ability.
No shame.

Getting this bad boy in the mail last week made everything real.

I just can't believe it's finally here.
This week consists of lots of rest, carbs, and stretching. My parents & I are flying out Sunday morning EARLY, going to the expo, running the race Monday, and then coming back Tuesday EARLY. This is what happens when you are in school. No more vacations. ;)

While there, I plan to somehow get Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher's autograph. They are my idols and I want to be them when I grow up.

Look for them! They will be in the front, probs in first and second place.

So while I am ingesting high amounts of calories and drinking my weight in water, you can keep up with all the Boston Marathon happenings via the website and my bib #. Or, you can even watch it online here starting at 8:30 am (central time). My wave doesn't start until 10:20 and my bib number is #14149.

On another note, Eric & I have been quite the busy bees the past month or so. But nothing new there. With me in school and having a job, and with Eric having a job, we don't really get much down time. Or sleep for that matter.

I went to my first "big girl" speech path conference in March with my friend, Addie.
Gig 'em & Sic 'em.
It was so informative and such a blast. We learned a ton and got lots of speech path freebies. My kind of place.

We also have visited with some family, went on a couple dates, caught up with friends, and enjoyed the down time that we do sometimes have.

Sweet Sawyer Beth.
Here is what our dogs have been up to:

I think her tongue is too long for her mouth.
Colbie's been hoarding all the toys...

Biggio celebrated his 4th birthday in March....

Such a big boy!
Colbie's been hoarding more toys...

And they have been snuggling in Biggio's tiny kennel.

They are out of control. It's unreal.

For updates on my Boston trip & race, follow me on Instagram! I will make sure to post pics when we get there. Also, I will blog about the race the week after, so make sure to check back for an update!
Here's to hoping for a fast and speedy, and injury-free race!

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