Ode to the Parentals.

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Fun fact - I'm an only child. So growing up, my parents were my best friends. We did EVERYTHING together. Road trips, business trips, vacations, you name it. They never missed any of my volleyball games, track meets, academic banquets, AXO activities, or races. They were always the ones cheering the loudest and always there to meet me at the finish line.

Since we did everything together growing up, we knew each other pretty well. They were always the ones I told my secrets to, and the ones I went to when I had a problem that needed fixed. They were my confidants. My parents know who I am as a person and they have embraced that. When I wanted to make my own mistakes, they let me. When I wanted to make my own decisions, they let me. They trusted me and they never asked questions. They have never judged me or faulted me for just being me. They know what makes me tick, and they know what makes me happy. They know how to talk to me and cheer me up when I'm sad and they always have the best advice for anything going on in my life.

Basically, I just want to say thanks, mom & dad. Thanks, for raising me to be the best ME I can be. Thanks for never giving up on me and always letting me use my wings to fly wherever I wanted to, even if you didn't agree with the destination. Thanks for never judging me for the decisions I have made and for never saying "I told you so" when that decision was a complete mistake.
You have embraced my character, my personality, and my lifestyle, with open minds, words of encouragement, and a willingness to learn more about who I am and who I am becoming.

What I won't thank you for is the stubbornness that you have given me, from each of you. Which means double the stubborn. Which means double the hard-headedness. So I guess, thanks for putting up with that?

Thanks for teaching me to be strong and to have steadfast strength in times of trouble. And to never give up, even when obstacles block my path. Dad, thanks for teaching me to not be afraid of anything, to ignore the world and be myself, and to be a leader, not a follower ("baa baa"). Mom, thanks for passing on the enormous size of your heart and for teaching me how to use it by being compassionate and giving.

Thanks to both of you for your unfailing love and kindness; for always saying "I love you", no matter the situation (lots of stubborness = high tension sometimes). Thanks for teaching me about the Lord and always being examples of Him.

Thanks for accepting Eric whole-heartedly into your home and for loving him like the son you never had.
[Funny story- I used to have a bowl hair cut, super stylish back in the day, and my dad got asked multiple times if I was a boy. He sometimes wished. ;)]
You have treated Eric exactly like you treated me growing up...embracing him for who he is and always being supportive of our life together.

I love you both more than you know. And I am blessed to have the honor of being your daughter & I thank God everyday for both of you. I honestly don't know what I would do without you...you are my supporters, encouragers, and you always have my back - no matter what. Thanks for being such wonderful parents. I will be happy just being half the parent each of you are, because that means that I will still be great.

Love you momma & daddy! :)

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