Father's Day Weekend.

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For Father's Day this year, Eric & I drove down to Conroe to visit my parents--we celebrated my Dad's bday (a little late), Father's Day, and my dad's induction as president of Conroe Noon Lions Club.

The weekend started off with the Conroe Noon Lions Club Banquet for my dad's induction.
It was beach-themed, and we got to visit with some of my parent's friends and of course, eat, drink, and be merry. I don't think people realize how much of a big deal this is, but my dad is now president of Conroe Noon, which is like, the 2nd largest lions club in the country. He is such a role model and inspiration. He manages his own business, he is a police officer, and he is now a president of lions club.  Woah. He is a big deal. And I think so highly of him. Love ya, dad.

Love this guy so much.
We started Saturday off right by going to church with my parents and doing a little relaxing. Next up was an Astro's game for my dad's bday/father's day. I pretty much grew up watching the 'stros. I used to know every players name and their stats, and I had specific players that I just thoroughly enjoyed watching. Hence, my dog's name.

Biggio wants to say "thanks for the jersey, Cooley!"
I love going to Minute Maid and I get really excited when I step into the ballpark. I love the sights and sounds and rooting for my home team. It's hard to me to get super excited about Rangers games, now that I live in Dallas, just because part of me will always belong to the Astros, no matter how much they suck, or how often they win. It's my home....I love the team & I love the game.

On Sunday, my mom scheduled family pictures (for bright and early in the morning, might I add), since we haven't done family pics in a few years. It was already so stinkin' hot by 10 am, and the heat/humidity was brutal...so now I am thankful that we got up early. Thanks Houston weather...definitely didn't miss you at all.
Our good friend, Vicki, who is probably the cutest prego lady I have ever seen, is a photographer for the area, so my mom asked her to do the pictures. She got some amazing shots and the pictures turned out so good! She is very talented!

Pretty girl. 

Eric, me, Uncle Phil, Tearyn, Papa, Dad, & Mom


Sadly, our weekend had to come to an end. Eric got to do lots of fishing, I enjoyed some running in the blazing heat, and we got to have some wonderful family time. My parents are leaving for Europe this coming month, and I won't see them until they get back. So, this was much needed!

I'm playing catch up, so next up...the Annual River Trip Reunion and my take on juicing. Real exciting stuff people.

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