Brady is 18 Months Old!

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Brady is 18 months old!

He weighs 24 lbs and is 32 inches in height - still tall and thin. But at least we are in size 5 diapers now! I have lost track of how many teeth he has - I think he has pretty much all of them at this point. Our pediatrician said we should probably make a trip to the dentist since he has a full mouth of teeth, which has now been scheduled for a couple weeks from now!

Brady talks non stop, has about an 80+ word vocabulary, and can say some 2-word phrases. So proud of my talkative boy! He imitates literally EVERYTHING, so Eric and I have to be really careful of what we say around him...

I am just loving this age! Brady has started to give kisses (on the lips - I die!) and say "of ooh" when I say "I love you". It's the cutest. He has a big personality - he is stubborn (so incredibly hard-headed) and definitely has his fair share of temper tantrums, but he still continues to be loving, sweet, kind, and so curious. I love how curious he is - I can just see the wheels turning in his head constantly.  He loves to climb and jump and run and get into everything - I feel like I'm always saying "no buddy, don't do that" or "no bud, don't climb on that" or "hey, why don't we keep our diaper on?". But I will miss this age when it's over, so I keep saying those things and keep putting that diaper tab back on as many times as I have to. It's true what they say, babies don't keep.

Some of my favorite things about this age that I don't want to forget:
- His love for bath time and going to the donut shop.
- The way he says "nack" (snack) when he wants breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or snacks in general...
- How he plays with his hair when he is tired
- The hugs he gives for no reason
- The way he engages in imaginative play, like washing his hands even when the water isn't running or feeding his animals using the pretend hay stack
- How he always uses a coaster for his drinks (he gets that from his mama)
- The constant presence of his "piggy" during meals, nap time, play time, and running errands

The love for the pig is out of control - if only we all loved each other like Brady loves his pig. It's practically my second child at this point...

Brady likes: his pig, donuts (specifically blueberry cake), drinking ALL the milk, the songs "wheels on the bus" and "itsy bitsy spider", bugs/leaves/rocks/sticks (anything outdoors that I don't necessarily want mashed into the carpet), brushing his teeth, checking the mail, and his class at church.

Brady dislikes: that he can no longer have his paci (each day is getting better!) and going to the doctor (I don't blame you buddy).

Happy 18 months, Brady Joe! We love you SO much.

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