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Where has the time gone? I feel like these last 2 weeks have FLOWN by. Seriously.

Over the past 2 weeks, Eric & I have driven all over Dallas, had dinner with Eric's uncle, went to Waco for the Bearathon, went to Tyler to visit lots of wonderful family, and went to see Hunger Games.
We are definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home coming up. And then it's hit the ground running (literally) because we are going to be busy each weekend until Boston.

Speaking of running, I have my last LONG run of 22 miles (coming up this weekend) before Boston! I received my bib number & pick-up card in the mail on Saturday and I seriously cannot believe the race is so close! 3 more weeks people :) It's really happening!!

Another thing that happened recently is that Eric & I went to see the Hunger Games (obvi mentioned above). I absolutely LOVED the books...I have actually read each one from the series three times. I am easily classified as a Hunger Games fanatic. With that being said, I DID NOT like the movie. Which is so incredibly sad. I know tons of people loved it, so I'm sorry if you hate me now, but I am just voicing my opinions. I didn't think the movie did the books justice, I think they left out SO MUCH from the book in the movie, and the actors weren't at all what I expected the characters to look like/act like. Since I am such a huge BOOK fanatic though, I am of course going to have to watch the second and third movies just to finish the movies out. I just wish they had done things so much differently in the movie. Sad day :(

We went to see the movie in Tyler, which is where we were visiting family after the race on Saturday. My Uncle just got back from Iraq, so our entire family went to my grandparents house to visit with everyone. 14 people, 1 baby, and 6 dogs in one house is a lot of people...but so much fun! The party included myself, Eric, Biggio, Colbie, my dad & mom, their dog Lacey, my Mimi & Pops, their 3 dogs, my Uncle & Aunt, my cousins Marik & Bralin, my cousins Lee & Jodi, their baby Kenzie, my cousin Elysia, & my Aunt Tara. It was a blasty blast.
Here are a few pictures (excuse the iPhone quality) from the weekend...

Eric & my dad jammin' out together
My hubby!

Me, my Mimi, & my daddy

Eric & I
My mimi & I

Eric & Kenzie

Sweet Kenzie girl...love her so much!

 Today just so happens to be my sweet Biggio baby's birthday! He is 3 years old...aka 21 years old! They grow up so fast ;)
Here are a couple pics I took when I got home!

He hated me...but he was a good sport.

B & Colbie rockin' their party hats...what party animals!
They crack me up! Maybe Eric will let me give Biggio a sip of beer tonight (haha)...I mean, he is legal now! I will keep you posted ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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