A Surprise Birthday Party & Memorial Day Weekend

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I know, I know, I'm slacking. It has been a month since my last post, but it's because Eric and are BUSY people. Hence, the title of this blog.

Not only have we been traveling the past 2 weekends, we have 3 more weekends of traveling ahead of us until we get a break and some time to relax at home.

Two weeks ago, my Mimi invited Eric & I to Tyler, TX for my Pop's surprise 70th birthday party! He was totally surprised and everyone had a fantastic time at the party. My Mimi threw the party in their own backyard and it was such a hit.

All the cousins at the party

Gag gifts, of course!
Supermodel cousins. 
Love them so much!
 The day after the party, we all went to the gun range and did some intense shooting. So much fun!

Boys being boys!
Shooting with my dad!
After the gun range, we came home and made my Pops' blow out 70 candles on his birthday cake!
And he did it!

Go Pops!

This weekend, Eric & I went to Conroe for a big dinner with my dad's business employees and to go to Lake Conroe on Memorial Day. Eric took Friday off work, so we drove down and spent the weekend relaxing! It was wonderful! We both had memorial day off so we didn't come back to Dallas until yesterday evening. When I was younger, my family and I would spend at least 2 weekends a month on Lake Conroe. I miss it so much, so it was a lot of fun to go and spend the day there.

Eric doing some fishing

About to get in the boat!

My cousin, Tearyn, and I!
This next weekend, we are traveling to Dripping Springs for a graduation party for Eric & I's cousin, followed by a wedding the next weekend, and then a Guadalupe river trip after that. So much traveling!! My running schedule is suffering because of all this traveling, so I have been running at some really weird times lately, just so I can fit in a few runs. I even have been doing some 2-a-days recently! Needless to say, I'm becoming quite exhausted. I love going to see family and friends every weekend, but with 2 dogs (one that is carsick) and a marathon runner in the family, sometimes it's hard to fit in all these weekend trips. But we enjoy doing it, and we are young! So now is a better time than any :) I'm sure when we start having kids, these trips will no longer be possible all the time ;)

Everyone have a wonderful week...I will post pictures of our travels soon!

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