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Can I just show you what our 7 month old pup, Colbie, has been up to lately? She not only is a carsick terror when we travel, but she is a mischievous little thing that likes to be up to no good.

Recently, this is what happened...

Yes, she is under our coffee table. Stuck.

Typical. Stuck under the coffee table.

A couple weeks ago, she got spayed, and let me tell you, that was NOT a fun 2 weeks. She was miserable and hated the stupid cone on her head. She had no peripheral vision and was constantly running into things. She couldn't do ANY activity because of the incision and sutures, so what fun that was to have a hyperactive puppy that could only stay in her kennel and go to the bathroom outside. So glad that is over with.
With the cone...poor thing.
When we got the OK to let her run around again after the stitches were out, we went to the dog park. Biggio is a veteran at the dog park experience, but this was Colbie's first time and we didn't know what to expect. She is a VERY high energy dog, so we didn't know if she would just stomp all over the other dogs and their owners or actually be normal. But to our surprise, she did SO amazing. She played nicely with the other dogs and was going up to everyone asking for some loving. She wasn't the terror that we thought she would be...thank goodness!

Running around!
Biggio being patient waiting for the frisbee.
Post-dog park.
 And just a random picture of Colbie being a freak.

This weekend, Eric & I went to Dripping Springs, TX for our cousin's high school graduation party! We haven't been able to see his family very much these past 6 months, so it was so much fun to get together with everyone and visit.
On the way to Dripping Springs. Finally asleep.
Pretty party decorations...martini glasses with chocolate rims topped with sprinkles. Filled with milk.
Eric & I at the party!

Cousin/graduate & I!
Aren't these little girls adorable?! The ones on the far L & far R are our cousin's daughters and the one in the middle is our niece! We love them all VERY VERY much. Hopefully, when Eric & I have kids they are as cute as these little blessings.

Sawyer Beth, Abigail Grace, & Cora Rose
We had lots of fun this weekend, and guess what we are doing next weekend?! Traveling! Weird, right?
Have a great week!

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