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This is almost 2 weeks late, but better late than never.
Happy birthday to my amazing mother & my friend.

This woman is the epitome of a genuine person. She is so down-to-earth, compassionate, and caring. She doesn't put on a front with anyone she meets...she is herself no matter who she is talking to.

My mom has such a kind heart. Like, an unbelievably kind heart. She loves with every ounce of her being and I swear her heart is made of gold. She is always putting others first, even when she needs something right away. She doesn't have a selfish bone in her body. Too bad I didn't get that trait.

My mom is my personal cheerleader. I don't think she ever missed a volleyball game, a track meet, a recital or performance, or anything school/athletic-related throughout junior high and high school. She has been to every Baylor SING performance and every race I have run. I don't know how she does it all. She is so committed to being there for me every step of the way, and for that I am very grateful.

I remember many times, when I forgot something at home and she would leave work in the middle of the day just to drive 20 minutes home and then 20 minutes to school just to drop it off and go back to work. She also has been known to leave work early just for a volleyball game, so she can be there for the very beginning of it. She came on almost every single one of my field trips and she was a parent supervisor for so many activities in school.

My mom is one of the first people I go to when I need to vent or just need to talk. She always listens without saying anything, knowing that I just have to get it out. She is such a phenomenal listener & a wonderful advice-giver. She knows me inside and out, so she always knows what to say and what specific advice to give.

My mom is the perfect wife for my dad. They are complete opposites, but they fit so well together. She knows him so well and takes care of him like he is the only person in the world. Always willing to help and assist, always excited to see him, and always keeping him grounded. She is a perfect role model of what a wife should be like.

She is also a perfect mother-in-law. She loves Eric like a biological son. My dad & I have always teamed up against her and now Eric usually takes her side either to a) spite me, or b) because he loves her. I think it a good mixture of both.
My mom would do anything for Eric...and obviously for me, but she has always loved Eric ever since she met him and she wanted me to marry him before we were even thinking about marriage. ;)

In the past few years, my mom has taken up 2 things: running & getting a college education.
She took up running to stay fit (because she looks like a million bucks) and just something to do. She loves to call me for running advice and then use it in her weekly runs. 
I'm extremely proud of her for doing it, and for finishing all the races she has competed in. She is awesome.

She also decided to finish her college education a few years ago. She took classes at a community college and then transferred to Sam Houston U to finish off her degree. She is truly a rock star.
She studies all the time and of course makes straight A's. I am so proud of her!

PS-She also loves Kourt like her own daughter.
My mom absolutely LOVES children. When she sees a baby, she just automatically gravitates towards them. I loved watching her with Abigail and Sawyer at a recent bridal shower. She just can't get enough. I can't wait to see her with Eric & I's kids. I know she is going to be a fantastic gma (definitely doesn't fit my mom...she needs something more hip). She is probably going to love her grandkids more than me ;) jk ma.

Can we just go ahead and acknowledge the big elephant in the room? My mother does NOT age. I swear she defies age. And she looks like she did in her 20's. It's totally unfair.

Just look at this picture of her when she was prego with me...

Umm, can you say beautiful?

What a knockout.
And what a beautiful smile. I hope I look like 20 for the rest of my life. :)

I know I give you a hard time mama, but you really are one of the most influential and special people in my life. Thanks for putting up with dad & I making your life miserable sometimes. You are so tolerable and sweet-natured. And thank you for showing me what a wife should be like, and what a mother should be like. You really are the best. Love you so so much.

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