Sic 'em Baylor Homecoming

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This past weekend, Eric & I (and Colbie and Biggio) went to Waco for Baylor's annual homecoming.
I get WAY TOO excited about this event. I am borderline crazy around this time.

I have so much school spirit and pride and I look forward to this every year, even when I was an undergrad student there.
I love the environment, seeing all our friends, the homecoming football game, the parade, and revisiting Baylor memories & pastimes.

Since Eric couldn't get off work until late Friday, we decided to drive down early Saturday morning since it is such a short drive from Dallas. Once we got to Waco, the first thing we did was walk the bear trail. Of course. I think I spent half my time at Baylor on that gravel road that goes all the way around campus. We had the dogs with us, so we took them on the walk and went and saw half of the homecoming parade. It got delayed because of a float that broke down, so we decided to head back to the car so we could get the dogs dropped off at doggie daycare.
We figured we were going to be gone all day doing Baylor things, and we didn't want to be worried about the dogs.
The next stop we made was to Common Grounds. Go figure. Eric & I have spent a great deal of time at this coffee shop. I used to study there and get coffee almost everyday. It is by far the best coffee shop ever with the best coffee ever.

Thanks for spelling my name wrong, CG :(
From Common Grounds, we went to our friend Andrew's house to change and get ready to head to Floyd Casey Stadium for the homecoming game against Kansas.
We spent the majority of the afternoon tailgating and going from tailgate to tailgate to see all of our old friends!
We saw so many people and had such a great time.

My big, Liz, & I
My little, Kimber, & I at the very HOT game.

Lovely Alpha Chi ladies
After tailgating, Eric & I decided to go into the stadium right as the football game was starting. Our seats were in the alumni section all the way at the top of the stadium, and by the time we made it up to the seats, we were already sweating profusely. Why is it 87 degrees in November?!
After squeezing past 15 people to get to our seats in the middle of the row, we sat down and discovered that we could not have been closer together to our neighbors. Eric has someone in front of him practically sitting on him and my butt was partially on the guys thigh next to me. So uncomfortable.

We decided it wasn't worth it and made our way to the student section to sit in the sun.
Another bad decision. I got to see some wonderful AXO ladies, but other than that, it was awful. Then, to make things worse, it started to rain. Oh, what an experience.

We then decided to go back to the tailgating section because we were just not enjoying ourselves. So we went to see more friends and watch the game via TV.

After the game, we made our way to Elite grill, where our good friend, Tom, works. We ate dinner there and visited with him since he wasn't able to go to the game.

Roomies for life.
That night, we visited with friends, relived the glory days, and pretended like we were in college again.

Sunday morning, we actually got to sleep in, and then went to Cafe Cappuccino with our good friends, Liz (she is the star in this blog post) & Brooks. Oh, and Liz's wonderful sister, Caroline! We love her.
Cafe Cappuccino was our breakfast spot of choice when we attended Baylor, and I swear the food tasted even better than I remember. Or maybe we were just ravenously hungry.

Post-cafe cap food coma, we went to the bookstore, walked around campus, and visited the Baylor bears. They were grooming each other in this picture, if you can't tell.
They were obviously too busy with each other to pay attention to us.

We found some super stylish pants at the bookstore...

Family pic in front of Pat Neff
Big/Little this woman!

We had to pick up the children that afternoon, so after we picked them up, we decided to head home :( I probably could have stayed for weeks. I miss Baylor so much.
Which is why I am now applying as a transfer grad student to their SLP program. YAY!

These are Biggio & Colbie's report cards from daycare/boarding. I didn't even know they did this. So hilarious.
My favorite part is the "my number twos..."

Side note-One of the highlights of our trip was getting Biggio a Baylor collar. So fashionable. And before you ask, Colbie did not get one because she didn't attend Baylor. So sad ;)

We had such a wonderful time visiting our Alma Mater! Can't wait to go back for longer :)

Another side note, I have the San Antonio Rock'n'Roll half marathon this weekend! And I am so excited...I am wanting to PR so badly I can taste it.
Wish me luck :)

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