Our Christmas 2012

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Our Udell Christmas vacation started off with visiting with friends before we all left Dallas for the holidays.

We started by having brunch with my good friend Julie, who is now working in the Dallas area. We ate at Eric & I's fave restaurant here in Plano called Whiskey Cake. If you haven't been, then you need to stop what you are doing and go now. Greatest food ever.
Julie is one of Eric & I's great friends, who just so happened to be one of my bridesmaids, college roommates, and sorority sister.

Typical running pose.

Brunch at Whiskey Cake.
Next up...the Allens.
My best friend, Liz & her hubby, Brooks, are leaving Texas to go to San Diego so Brooks can attend law school there. I am so incredibly sad to see them leave, but I know they are going to have SO much fun in Cali. Eric & I met up with them the night before we left for San Antonio. We had dinner at Fireside Pies in Grapevine, and it was wonderful. It was also half price wine bottle night, so it was just our luck ;)

Loved having them a part of our big day.
I didn't get a group picture, and I'm kicking myself for that now. Now they are in California, and I miss them like crazy!

Our heads/hair makes a heart...true love!
Love her so much.
We miss you guys and are so glad you made time out of your busy moving schedule to have dinner with us! Can't wait to go visit them in San Diego :)

The night of dinner with the Allens, we got ready to go to San Antonio, and this little girl was in everyone's business.

She was digging through the presents and causing trouble.

The next morning, we began our 5 hour trek to visit the family.

Our packed car with 2 canine passengers.
We stopped in Dripping Springs first to have dinner with our aunt and uncle, Gus & Mary Ellen.
We always love visiting with them.

That night we drove to Eric's parents house to settle down for the holidays.
The Fernandez family went to College Station for the holidays, because our cousin, Becky is 2 weeks from her due date with sweet Evelyn. So, Cindy had Christmas at her house with that side of the family on Saturday night.
I didn't take many pictures, but these are the ones I did get.

We also passed out early Christmas presents, which included sugared pecans that Yours Truly made (a Christmas tradition), and a hard apple cider that Eric made. He is newly into the hobby of brewing beer and ciders, so he couldn't wait for everyone to taste his product. And it was a success!

And guess who made the label?! ME! And it's strange because I usually don't have a creative bone in my body, but I guess one decided to make an appearance. And yes, it does say, "Naughty List Hard Cider". Tagline: "First it's nice. Then it's naughty." (My dad obviously helped :))

That weekend, I completed an 18-mile long run that begins my tapering for the Houston Marathon in January. (This weekend was only 13 miles! That means it's getting closer!)
The weekend also consisted of going to the SA Riverwalk to see the lights & play human Frogger in the middle of huge crowds of people. It was insane! Never going to the Riverwalk over the holidays again. We did find a Pat O'Briens and get some yummy hurricanes to pass the night away.

For Christmas Eve, we had family over at Cindy's house to play Bunko and eat lots of great food. I have never played Bunko before this, and it was so much fun! I think we should make it a tradition.
Cindy had prizes for the winners and biggest loser, which I won neither of. The Ward family dominated.

I am so mad at myself because I have been slacking at taking pictures lately. I usually am on top of things, but not so much these days. I just get too wrapped up in everything and it totally slips my mind.

I did get pictures on Christmas morning though.
We went to Adam & Melissa's house on Tuesday morning to watch our adorable niece, Abigail, open her presents. Just to rewind, here are a couple pictures of her on Santa's lap...

She asked him for a choo-choo train book.
And she got it! She was so happy! That's literally all she wanted. Oh kids.

She had a great time opening presents. She would rip off small pieces of wrapping paper to open her gifts. And she loved all her presents. Eric & I got her an Ariel mermaid doll that was so cute. She sat with it the whole time.

So cute!

Ripping it off, piece by little piece.
Christmas night we spent at Wita's house just visiting, opening gifts, and once again, eating too much great food.
I always love visiting with the Ward family when they are in town, because we don't get to see them that often, seeing as that they live in Arkansas.
So it was so nice to just hang out with them and relax.
I don't do much relaxing in my everyday life, and that was the theme of this week, minus all the get togethers. When we were home, we were home just hanging out. It was wonderful!

Here is proof...

Overall, we had a great Christmas!
And we plan on having a happy new year!

Oh and by the way, I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 for Christmas, so I am selling my iPhone 4.
If you or anyone you know is interested, here is the ebay listing.


I hope everyone has a great new years! Here is to a great & exciting 2013 :)

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