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So many things have happened in the past few weeks! Our lives has been slightly chaotic, but what's new, right?

For starters, I started back at the running store! Part time of course, due to my crazy school schedule.
Also, I started school again yesterday. Blah. I love it, but this semester is going to be super challenging.

This past weekend, Eric & I went to Conroe/Houston for the Chevron Houston Marathon. I ran the full marathon on Sunday, and set a new PR by 1 minute! Not much, but still enough. It was such a cold and wet day. It was 40 degrees and it rained, and even sleeted for a couple miles during the race. I remember starting to feel numb to the extreme weather/temp and then once I crossed the finish line and started walking, I became EXTREMELY cold. I felt like my appendages were going to fall off. I had no idea it was THAT cold during the race, not to mention, my body temperature was going crazy.
This may be TMI, but I also had stomach issues after about mile 10. My pace was about a 7:20 min/mile all the way from the start to the halfway point, but after those stomach issues hit me, it decreased by about 30 seconds per mile. No bueno.
But now that this race is over, I have Boston to look forward to and maybe a couple smaller races in between.
I am kind of going backwards, but during the expo, when I went to pick up my packet and bib for the race, Ryan Hall was there signing autographs. I had planned to get in line to get it, but by the time I got there, they had cut the line off since he was speaking soon after. I was so disappointed! Ryan Hall is one of my running idols and I couldn't wait to meet him in person. Instead, I was a creeper and my mom took a picture of me while he was autographing for someone else...

Ryan is running the Boston Marathon, so hopefully I will get his autograph and a pic with him then.

Over the weekend, we also did a couple other things. Our cousin, Becky & her husband, Michael, had their second child, a baby girl named Evelyn last week. So, we paid them a visit in College Station to see them and to meet their new baby! She is absolutely adorable and was just so content being passed around from person to person. What a trooper. Her older sister, Cora, was as cute as ever. And such a big help to her baby sister.

Evelyn beautiful :)
We also went to my cousin, Jason's, 2nd birthday party. He is obsessed with Elmo, so of course, it was Elmo/sesame street-themed.

When we got home from the race, school started full swing. And I was the gimp wobbling & limping from class to class yesterday and today. And tomorrow too. I'm pretty sore still, but nothing a little R&R won't fix.

I have a tendency to speed up the recovery process after a marathon just because I can't wait to get back out there, but I am really trying to take this one slow. Especially because I found out today that I strained a tendon on the bottom of my foot during the race.
I went to the podiatrist today and found out the news. I have been having some pain on my foot ever since the race and it has really been killing me. I literally can't walk. So, the doc gave me this cool band to wrap around the middle of my foot that has a pad that goes under my arch, and keeps the pressure off the part of my foot that hurts. It's really cool. And it has definitely eased the pain! Now I can actually walk!

Other than all of this, I have been working on finishing up my transfer graduate school applications. And guess what?! They are ALL DONE. Seriously, what a relief! It is like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Now, it's just the waiting period until April. Once I find out where I get in, Eric & I may have some news depending on where we want to be for a couple years.
Please pray for us!

I hope everyone has such a great week!
I am going to have a good time laying on the couch. Wait, who am I kidding? I don't ever lay on the couch. ;)

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