August Update

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Hello friends!
I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I last this rate, I will just be writing a monthly update as a post each month.

As the summer came to a close, Eric & I finished up all our traveling, celebrated our anniversary, and I got ready to start grad school (which started last week)!

Two weekends ago, we went to Conroe to visit my parents one more time before school started.
We went down on a Thursday so that we could have plenty of time with them. My grandparents ended up joining us too, which was a lot of fun!

Snuggles at my parent's house with my pup.

Last weekend, we made an 8-hour drive to Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, Missouri with 3 of our friends [and the 2 dogs]. We had such a great time just hanging out in the sun, eating lots of good food, and visiting with each other. It was my last big trip before grad school started, so I definitely made the most of it.

I didn’t take a ton of pictures since we were out on the water most of the time and didn’t want to put my phone at risk, so here is what I did take:

This was at 6 am, right after our 8-hour drive...

My view on one of my runs!

When we got back, my life went into overdrive. Monday, I had my SLP graduate school orientation with all 35 of my new classmates. It was a long day of introductions, policies/procedures, clinic assignments, supervisor assignments, due dates, and sitting in meetings. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. And on Tuesday, there were more meetings. Wednesday, I started classes and I have literally been going non-stop ever since. Let’s just put it this way - I slept until noon on Saturday...umm what? I even went to bed at a decent hour. No shame, I needed it.

It has finally hit me that the next 2 years of my life are going to be really intense and BUSY, but they are also going to be rewarding and I am going to learn SO MUCH about my field.

On Tuesday of this past week, smack dab in the middle of the beginning of grad school, Eric & I had our 2-year wedding anniversary. 2 years! Time has flown by. And I’m sure I will say that every year we celebrate an anniversary. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to actually celebrate that night since I had so much going on, but I did come home to this after being at the clinic all day…

We decided to celebrate this weekend, just by keeping it really low-key and spend the night in. We rented a couple of Redbox movies, made dinner, and relaxed. Definitely more our style.

We also went to a Frisco Rough Riders game this weekend with my friend, Addie. Neither of us had ever been before, and it we had such a great time!

In honor of our anniversary, I have quite the story to tell about our wedding day. I’m not sure if many people know this story, but you are about to ;)
So, on the morning of our wedding, I was doing my thing...hanging with my girls, getting ready for the big day, and watching the ceremony and reception area get set up. Eric was doing his thing, hanging with his boys, playing golf and goofing off. At that point, I had already done everything that needed to be done, as had Eric. We had prepped, delegated, and finished our to-do lists. So I wasn’t even worried about anything going wrong, even though they say something always does. Well, it did. Thankfully, I didn’t know anything about it, because if I had, I probably would have freaked.

Right before I was about to walk down the aisle, someone realized they had forgotten the wedding band Eric was going to give to me. [Honestly, I’m not even sure who it was and it doesn’t even matter because it all worked out :)]
Since, no one realized this until we were about to stand up at the altar, they improvised. My dad walked me down the aisle, passed me off to Eric, and then it got to the moment when we exchanged rings.

Adam, being the greatest brother-in-law there is, slipped off his wedding ring and discreetly gave it to Eric, without me even knowing. So when Eric put Adam’s ring on my finger, you can imagine my surprise! Initially, I freaked out in my head, and then I just started laughing. Eric leaned over and whispered in my ear, “we forgot yours, but I promise you will get it”. I just started laughing even more, and by that point everyone was laughing, whether they knew what was going on or not. 

You can kind of see Adam's ring in this picture...

When he put it on my finger, I had to keep holding it on by squeezing my other fingers together. It was way too big! It is definitely noticeable in this picture...

After the ceremony, Eric’s uncle went back to the house to get my actual nice of him!
It magically appears in pictures after this point…

So even though everything didn’t go according to plan, it all worked out, and now we have a funny story to tell everyone. We always say that I am actually married to Adam too, since his wedding band bound us in marriage. So funny!

I hope everyone has a great week (or month at the rate I’m updating my blog)! ;)

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