Grad School Adventures

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Oh boy, oh boy. What a whirlwind these past few months have been.

I'm pretty sure the only monumental event in my life lately is that I started grad school and have only 5 weeks until finals! Umm, what? 5 weeks people. And then I only have 3 more semesters until my externship. So crazy.

I'm official!
Here is what I have been up to since we spoke last...

Sic' em :)
I have been able to embrace my inner goofball thanks to my kiddos I have this semester.  I could seriously get used to it ;)

I have also been out and about in Dallas to take a break from the stress of grad school..

Speechy friends!

In the midst of grad school, I also ran the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon.
Funny story--I made a rookie mistake and forgot to put my timing chip on my shoe. So the whole time I just ran "for me" and then come to find out, even though it was still on my bib, it registered my time anyways! It was a win-win...ended up having a great race without worrying about my time, and I had a blast! You couldn't beat the views...

My bff/little, Kimber, turned 24 in mid- October and her precious mom threw her a surprise bday party tea. It was so perfect! Kimber was surprised, the food was delish, and we got to shop in a giant Christmas store. I was in heaven!!

So glad I was able to spend time with this girl!

My other bff, Addie, also turned 24 (on the same day, go figure!) so we had dinner during the week and then went to Top Golf that weekend.

Love these girls!


I was not happy about doing a gig'em. But only for this girl. (Sic'em)

True love.

We had such a great time! I'm pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves!

I have to say, in the middle of the chaos of my grad school life, I am pretty proud of myself having still found time to hang out with my friends, spend time with my husband, and love on these two...

Sorry for the brief post, but unfortunately, homework beckons!
Have a great week :)

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