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The 10 weeks of the summer semester are officially OVER.

I may or may not have done a little happy dance when I turned in my last final.
These past 10 weeks have been the hardest, most stressful 10 weeks of my life and I am so glad they are over. I have had no time for anything other than school/clinic lately and I honestly can't believe I survived the summer semester. I woke up around 6:30 every morning and my head didn't hit the pillow until 1 or 2 am that night/next morning. It was definitely not ideal.

I poured myself a glass of wine the night I turned in my last final and just sat on the couch watching TV, doing nothing. It was glorious!

Here's an update on what I have been up to this summer, other than school...

Some of the girls from our grad program went to Katy Trail Icehouse to celebrate our friend Courtney's birthday.
It was a much needed break from school!

A couple weekends later, we went out in downtown Dallas to the Rustic and found Winston from New Girl! I am obsessed with this show and I was so nervous to go and talk to him. He was so nice though!

My birthday fell in the time period of all this craziness too, so Eric and I decided to take a weekend just to relax and spend some time together. I have always wanted to go stand up paddleboarding, so Eric took me to do that at Lake Grapevine on the weekend of my bday. It was SO MUCH FUN. We rented them for an hour, but I really wish we had done it for 2 hours. It was so relaxing, just super hot. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once you get your balance, it's not too hard at all!

Around this time, Eric and I started taking Krav Maga classes. Krav Maga is a type of self-defense class  that teaches you how to defend yourself against attackers in real-life scenarios. They really try to incorporate good overall fitness and it's an extremely good workout. We got a groupon for it and have about 8 classes left. We go twice a week and each weekend I am so sore from everything we learned that week. It works your whole body! I feel like I am actually picking up on the moves and could at least attempt to defend myself ;)

Here is a video of what it is all about.
They are doing a lot of advanced moves that we haven't learned yet, but it's a pretty awesome video.

For my actual bday party this year, I did a pedal party in uptown Dallas with some of my friends from the grad program and of course, Eric, and Chris & Jaclyn, and my sister love Kourt.
We had such a great time!
Kourt signed me up for karaoke, which was a blast. We sang "Hit Me Baby One More Time"...I am still laughing about it to this day.
Someone recorded it, but I will spare you the terrible performance.

One weekend, some friends and I went to Improv Comedy Club in Dallas. It was a much needed break in the midst of this summer semester stress. We laughed all night long!

Lauren & I at Improv
Finals snuck up on me, thanks to such a short semester, as did client end-of-semester reports. Eric somehow got a picture of my in the middle of studying and writing reports. This is perfect representation of my nights during the summer semester.

The week before finals, Eric and I moved apartments in our apartment complex. We downsized from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom, and if the summer wasn't stressful enough, try downsizing and moving and organizing right along with it. Oh man. It was not fun. But we made it through...and we just live on top of each other now. No big deal.

After finals, a few of us went to celebrate! It was so nice not having any homework or studying to do and we were finally able to relax. It was perfect.

Now I have 2 weeks until I start back for the fall semester and begin my offsite placement in Dallas. I absolutely cannot wait! I get to start my career as an SLP outside of the UNT clinic. I plan on going to the pool, relaxing, and spending time with Eric while I am on break. Oh, and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping :)

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