Fall, Y'all.

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Well fall has pretty much come and gone and I have yet to write a blog post. Thanks, grad school.
So without further ado, here is my semester update for Fall 2014.

I had my last first day of class ever in August. And, I had my first day at my new offsite at an outpatient pediatric clinic in Dallas.

Some of my girlfriends in the program started having weekly wine/TGIT (thank God it's Thursday) nights...pretty self-explanatory. We drank wine, watched Grey's/Scandal/How to Get Away With Murder, and sometimes Salon la Megan would make an appearance. These nights were the highlight of my weeks.

Salon la Megan
My girlfriends and I tried to have as much fun as we possibly could this semester because it was the list semester we would have ALL together. And I think it's safe to say we accomplished it.

Carving pumpkins for Halloween - mine is the middle one!
Eric and I drove down to Conroe to have a birthday dinner for my mom's 50th birthday. I mean, her 40th birthday. (Sorry, mom.) And for some reason, I didn't take a picture with her, just Eric. (Sorry again mom.)

This year for Thanksgiving, my mom, dad, uncle, cousin (Tearyn), my papa, and Eric and I decided to go to Possum Kingdom Lake. This has been a tradition in my family since before I can remember. My family celebrates Thanksgiving there every 3 years. And we always have such a great time! Camping, hiking, sitting fireside, looking for arrowheads, going out on the boat, and just relaxing.

Colbie didn't want to get her fur wet in the shower.
After Thanksgiving break, I hit the ground running to finish up the semester. Literally hit the ground running...I was also training for another full marathon.
I had my last day at my offsite with such a great supervisor!

I also had my last day of class EVER!!!!

Then it was time for my last FINAL EVER!!!

Bye, clinic!

Around this time, my friend, Betty, celebrated her birthday so we took a break from all the madness and enjoyed the weekend celebrating her!

Birthday girl!

Sadly, the semester came to a close, meaning we were all moving away from each other. Because of how our program is set up, we get the opportunity to go wherever we want for our last off site placement since we are done with classes by this point.
My friend, Lauren, moved to Michigan, a few people moved to Houston (including myself), and others were scattered around Dallas.

Such a sad day.

If finals week wasn't crazy enough, I decided to run the Dallas Marathon the Sunday after finals ended. It has been on my Dallas bucket list, seeing as how Eric and I weren't going to be in Dallas much longer, so I finally got to cross it off!

Another event on our Dallas bucket list was to go to the Cotton Bowl. So 2 days before we moved (4 days after our Christmas vacation...which is in another post!), Eric and I headed to the Cotton Bowl to watch our Baylor Bears play! I won't talk about the outcome of the game, because I still get sad thinking about it. But we had a great time...we saw old friends, cheered on our Bears until our voices were hoarse, and enjoyed being in the amazing atmosphere of the AT&T Stadium.

Little & Big :)

Love this lady so much! Julie you are so beautiful!
2 days later, Eric and I packed up our tiny one bedroom apartment and our 2 dogs and hit the road for Houston. I have an amazing offsite placement in the area that starts in a week, so we are officially H-town residents.

Bye, Dallas...you have been so good to us!
All packed up...almost.
 Now that we are settled in, next up is studying for/taking/passing the PRAXIS (my licensure exam), and passing COMPS (my exit exam for UNT). Please pray for me! These next 2 months are going to be intense, but in the end, it will be SO worth it. I also start my LAST offsite on Monday, so here goes nothing! I am so excited...graduation is only 4 months away!

Have a wonderful week!

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