16 Weeks & 17 Weeks

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16 weeks:

Again with the workout clothes...
This baby boy is the size of an avocado...3 ounces and 4-5 inches in length. The baby can make facial expressions, he has eyebrows and eyelashes (let's hope they are longer than mine), and he can now hear voices!

I'm still going steady at a weight gain of around 3-4 pounds, my cravings are still the same, and I'm still pretty tired throughout the day. I've just come to terms with the fact that the exhaustion isn't going anywhere. Blah. I have been able to workout more though. I will take what I can get!

This week we visited the high risk OB to check out the baby's heart. Basically, having a heart defect myself, I have a 10% chance of something abnormal happening to me during the pregnancy or during labor and delivery. Because of this, the baby has a 5% chance of developing any type of heart defect, not just a VSD (ventricular septal defect), like what I have. This is compared to the 1% chance of a normal developing baby (with no family history of heart issues) developing a heart defect in utero. So...all that to say, my regular OB wants me to meet with a high risk OB just to be on the safe side. The appt went well! We got to see our baby boy and he is just the cutest thing already! The technician took LOTS of pictures for the doctor to review, she checked out all his developing structures, although concentrating more on the heart, and she determined it was DEFINITELY a baby boy. No question ;) This baby loves to move! The technician couldn't get a ton of clear pictures of him because he just moved all over the place. His heart rate was around 148 bpm and he is currently breech. She said most babies move before their due date, so let's cross our fingers that he moves into the right position! When he isn't moving around, he puts his hands behind his head, kicks up his feet, and yawns. It was the cutest thing watching him yawn on that ultrasound. I think my heart skipped a beat. The baby weighs about 6 ounces based on the ultrasound, which is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so the doctor is thinking my due date is really going to be mid-August instead of September 8. Which is fine by me! Right now they are keeping it the same, so I am still technically considered "16 weeks", but she said they may change the date and move me up a couple weeks after my next ultrasound depending on how big he is.

Based on the above picture, I'm pretty sure he has Eric's nose and my long fingers. The doctor came in after the technician left and said that the heart's ventricular septum looked like it was closing properly and overall the heart looked great! She also said the brain and spine looked like it was developing how it should be. She will continue to monitor the baby closely to make sure there are no other heart defects or neurological defects though. I love that we are seeing the high risk OB on a regular basis, just to calm my anxious mind, and we get to see the baby more, which is a plus! Our next ultrasound is scheduled for April 18th.

17 weeks: (maybe more...)

This week I definitely developed a bump! But I still don't look pregnant in street clothes. I just look like I ate too much chikfila. Which I probably have...

The baby is the size of a pear...typically supposed to be around 4 ounces and 5 inches long. But based on the recent ultrasound, we are pretty sure he is much bigger than that at this point. He has started to form body fat, his heart beat is now regulated by his developing brain, and he can now suck and swallow. And apparently, he startles easily! Based on my pregnancy app (because it never lies...), the baby gets startled by dogs barking or door bells ringing, or in my case, both happening at the same time.

I have gained about 5 pounds so far and burgers are a new craving. Can't get enough. I guess the baby wants protein?? I have no problem indulging in this craving though. I felt the baby move for the first time this week (towards the end of week 17)...Eric got to feel it too! No kicking yet, just lots and lots of movement. He is very active when I'm at work and when I run.

I ran my first race with my new running partner in tow. My mom and one of her friends signed up for a 10-mile race called The Texas 10. So of course, I felt left out, and decided to run it too! It took place in Boerne, so Eric and I went to San Antonio for the weekend to visit with his family and spend some time with my fam too. Then Sunday was our race. It went really well! I got to run with my mom and her friend and help pace them to finish with PR's!! Go mom and Melissa! I really enjoyed the race and if Eric would let me do a half marathon while pregnant (uh-hum...) I totally would. I guess I will stick to just running for fun right now...

I promise there's a baby in there!

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