15 Weeks

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Well 15 weeks has come and gone!

I had some major allergies going on this week. Obviously.
I had an OB checkup the day before I was 15 weeks. I had gained 3 pounds and baby boy's heartbeat was 155 bpm. They haven't started measuring my bump yet, because I didn't really have much of one at that point. I did start showing this week though! I can still wear my jeans/shorts/leggings, but it's uncomfortable to keep them buttoned. And the waistband of my leggings cuts into my stomach a little bit, which isn't the most comfy thing in the world. I'm sure a maternity clothing shopping trip will be in order soon.
Also at the appointment, they did a blood test to test for spinal defects. And great news, the test came back negative!

Based on my What to Expect pregnancy app, the baby is the size of an orange, weighs about 2 ounces, and is 4 1/2 inches. The baby can also sense light at 15 weeks and is forming taste buds!
I haven't felt any kicking from the baby yet, but based on the ultrasound and the fetal heartbeat sounds, this baby is constantly moving! Future athlete? Eric sure hopes so!!

My cravings are still the same, except for the added Olive Garden salad and breadsticks craving. Poor Eric has had to run out and get me that for dinner several times in the past week or so. Salty foods and V8 cravings are still going strong. I want candy every now and then, but when I do, it's just a couple pieces of sour patch or jellybeans at a time. Nothing like before pregnancy when I could down a whole bag of sour patch kids in one sitting. I've been drinking sparkling grape juice every now and then to "pretend" like I'm drinking wine. Let me tell you...it is definitely NOT the same. The nausea is still present, but only when I get hungry. So I pretty much eat every 3-4 hours. The exhaustion is also still lingering, but I have noticed that I am getting a little bit of energy back, slowly but surely. Which is good news, because I have my 10 mile race the first weekend of April!

Because of my heart defect, I have to be followed throughout the pregnancy by a high-risk OB and my cardiologist. So far, my cardiologist has cleared me for a normal delivery, of course, if nothing crazy happens between now and the due date. The high-risk OB will be monitoring the baby throughout the pregnancy (and me on day of delivery), which I am very thankful for! I have my first appointment with the high-risk OB at around 16 1/2 weeks pregnant. She will be doing the anatomy ultrasound and check my due date. At some point in the pregnancy, she will also be doing a fetal echocardiogram to look at the baby's heart to see if baby boy has the same heart defect I have. If he does, then we will all be prepared for it on the day of delivery and she will be present to make sure it's fixed. I am so thankful this is being taken so seriously!

On March 24, I turned 16 weeks pregnant (4 months!!). So I will be posting an update soon! (and an update about the anatomy ultrasound) Yay!

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