20 Weeks & 21 Weeks

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I am so behind...by a couple weeks. Whoops! So here are 20 weeks and 21 weeks for now.

20 Weeks:

The baby is the size of a banana, weighs about 10 ounces, and is about 6 1/2 inches long. I'm feeling more pregnant, and I'm definitely still lacking energy during the day. Baby boy has started to get more active at night now, instead of during the day. I swear he is sleeping when I workout...kind of like he enjoys the rocking motion! When he first started moving/kicking, he was more active when I worked out, so maybe he has gotten used to it? Regardless, the movement at night is not the most convenient. But I would rather feel him moving around, rather than NOT moving around!

21 Weeks:

This baby boy is the size of a carrot, weighs 11 ounces, and is 7 inches long. (Side note: he is 2 weeks ahead based on our recent ultrasound...read below for more!)
He still moves constantly and you can now see his movement when you look at my belly. Definitely one of the weirdest things I have ever seen/felt. He responds to the dogs barking, thunder, and car alarms. So crazy!!

My most recent craving is a Bahama Bucks pina colada snow cone (no alcohol of course!). I have always liked their snow cones, but I never would have expected it to be one of my cravings. Many late night runs to Bahama Bucks have already been made. Sorry Eric...

I've started to get out of breath when I lay on my back when I sleep, which is a huge problem for me. I have always been a back sleeper, so it has been a huge adjustment trying to sleep on my side. But I'm working on it!

We had another high risk OB ultrasound this week. We also had a fetal echocardiogram in the same appt. Everything still looks great, which is a huge blessing! The baby's heart continues to look healthy and strong. His heart rate was 148 bpm and he moved almost the whole ultrasound/echocardiogram. He liked to keep his hands in front of his face, which made it hard to get a close up view of his face, but we did manage to get a good profile view!

Before this ultrasound, I could have sworn he had Eric's nose based on other ultrasounds, but I'm pretty sure that he has my nose based on this profile view. We will see in a few months!!

Based on the ultrasound, our baby boy is measuring 2 weeks ahead! (yikes) Our OB is thinking of moving up our due date by 1-2 weeks, which I'm really hoping happens, because I would prefer to not have a mega-baby. They are going to keep tracking his size the next month and then go from there.

I'm currently (since I'm 2 weeks behind) nearing the end of the second trimester, which is pretty surreal! Eric and I are moving in 2 weeks (more on that later), but the nursery is coming together nicely. We have all the bedding picked out, the glider and ottoman are ordered, and paint colors are picked out, and Eric's brother will be making the dresser/changing table for us! Once we get moved in to our new place, I will post pictures of the color scheme and patterns. It's starting to get so real!

22 weeks and 23 weeks will be next up on the blog :)

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