22 Weeks & 23 Weeks

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22 Weeks:

Our baby boy, who Eric has now lovingly started referring to as "Junior", is the size of a papaya this week. He weighs a one whole pound and is around 8 inches long.  He now has eyelashes and eyebrows, he is developing his sense of touch, and he can now perceive light and dark.

I have started to have pretty intense acid reflux this week and it doesn't look like it is leaving anytime soon. I guess it is just one of those things, like my crazy sciatica pain, that will be continuing throughout this pregnancy...

Nothing else new to report this week!

23 Weeks:

"Junior" is the size of a grapefruit this week...he weighs a little over a pound and is 8 inches long.  His organs and bones are visible through his transparent skin and his skin supposedly looks a little saggy (apparently it grows faster than fat).

I feel like there was a huge growth spurt in my baby bump from 22 weeks to 23 weeks. It definitely is starting to round out. And based on the baby's movement, he likes to hang out really low in my belly. Maybe I'm just carrying low? IDK, I'm new to this...

We had a general OB checkup this week, which my mom was able to go to! She got to meet my doctor and hear the baby's heartbeat. His heartbeat is abut 142 bpm and is beating nice and strong! The doctor said I could take Tum's for my acid reflux, which is doing the trick, thank goodness! And we also got the due date settled...finally. The OB wants to keep the due date as September 7th, just because the baby is measuring consistently 1-2 weeks ahead. If he was measuring 2 weeks ahead one week and 4 weeks ahead another week, then she would look at moving up the due date. So for now, it is Sept 7th. And she told me not to worry about having a mega baby...just to prepare for the fact that he most likely won't be a 6 pounder. Which did not ease my anxiety...

So far, so good though! Baby boy is growing nicely and so am I by the looks of it! Eric and I have a lot going on in our lives right now....we are moving in one week!! (I promise I will update you on where we are moving soon....) And I can't seem to stop packing - which doesn't help my sciatica situation. So I'm currently laying on the couch and forcing myself to take a break.

Update to come next week!

And just for fun because he is cute...

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