Brady is 4 months old!

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We have a 4 month old!

Brady had his 4 month checkup last week, got a few shots, and got a clean bill of health! He is doing great! Brady weighs 13 lbs 6 oz, he is 25 inches long, and his head circumference is above average...
He wears size 1 diapers and 3-6 months clothes. This month was a big one. Brady celebrated his first Thanksgiving, started daycare, had double ear infections (not fun at all!), started laughing and rolling from back to front, and started solids (aka purees).

Brady had double ear infections the week I went back to work. And Eric and I were both sick too. Thank goodness I have a gem of a mother who watched him all week while he was sick. We have a really great pediatrician and she fixed Brady right up, and he ended up getting better before I did. The week after his ear infections, he started daycare. It was a rough first couple of days for him, but he got the hang of it really quick! And I actually had a really smooth transition. He loves his teachers and smiles and flirts with them nonstop. He also started sleeping by himself in the swing and on the boppy at daycare. Praise the Lord!

Poor baby sick at the doctor's office

Brady started laughing and chuckling this month and it is the best sound. I have yet to get it on camera though! He also found his hands, which he now sucks on 24/7. And the day he turned 4 months old, he rolled over from back to front TWICE! It's definitely a workout for him though. Brady also tried rice cereal and sweet potatoes last week. He actually liked the rice cereal, until 3 days later I started sweet potatoes, and he is now not a huge fan of rice cereal, because he is obsessed with the sweet potatoes! First time mom fail.

Brady likes: watching football, his teachers at daycare, smiling, looking in the mirror at himself, eating his hands, sweet potatoes, and hamming it up for mommy.

Brady dislikes: tummy time and the crib. I really hope this boy isn't still sleeping with me when he is 10 years old. If anyone has any tips for getting him to sleep for longer stints in the rock n play or in his crib, then I am all ears! I feel like we have tried everything. Our pediatrician told us we could start crying it out anytime. So I feel like that is what we are going to start doing soon. Nothing else is working!!

Here are more pictures from his past month...

Fell asleep while being burped...

Sleeping issues aside, this kid is the best! He is SUCH a good baby! Eric and I are so lucky that he is so easy going. He can literally fall asleep in any situation (if someone is holding him of course...) and he just doesn't cry much at all. And if he does, then 9 times out of 10, he is hungry. I love the way he looks at me every time I pick him up from is the best feeling ever. I'm not gonna lie, juggling so many roles hasn't been the easiest, but it's totally worth it. I get to have my career and be a wife and mom. I get to pick my boy up from daycare every day and spend all evening and all weekend just being his mama. It makes those times so much more special.

First day of daycare
The face I get when I pick him up from daycare!

I am so excited to celebrate his first Christmas with our families! Only a few more days!

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