Brady is 9 months old!

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Brady turned 9 months 3 days ago! We just had his 9 month well checkup today, which is why I waited until this afternoon to post his update.

He weighs 18 lbs, 9 oz and is 28.8 inches tall. He has 4 teeth (his 2 upper vampire teeth just popped through!). He is in size 3 diapers (about to go up a size) and is in size 9-12 and 12-18 month clothes...mostly 12-18 month. Brady can wave "hi" and "bye" and gives high fives. We walk into daycare in the mornings and he immediately starts waving "hi" to everyone. Such a ham and such a social baby boy. And he has just recently started giving high fives...and the other day he was giving high fives to people in the restaurant we were in. He says "dada" now in reference to Eric and so I'm going to go ahead and give in and say it's is first word. I was really holding out for "mama", but it looks like the babbling of "dada" became something real. You win this time Eric...

Brady started crawling this month and then shortly after, he started pulling up and standing up, which scares his mama and daddy, especially because he likes to let go and try to stand by himself. And he definitely can't do that yet. But he is now a professional crawler and speeds all over our house on all fours. We had a little bit of an accident the day after he turned 9 months old...we were hanging out in the bath tub and Brady decided he was going to try to stand up, and ended up taking quite the tumble,  and hitting the edge of the bathtub with his head (or what I thought was his head). Of course, he immediately started crying, so I yanked him up out of the tub, and come to find out he had busted his eyelid open. Not even sure how that happened! But everything's okay now! He just bled for a bit and we had to give him motrin for 24 hours, but other than that, it was no biggie. Really scary though!

One day after slipping in the tub :(

Brady moved up a class at daycare this past week and his teachers were so sad about it! They have loved having him in their class! But we love his new teachers and so far, he is doing great with the transition!

He also took school pictures at daycare this past month and they are literally the best thing ever. I can't get over them...the photographer is amazing for getting him to pose how he did.

Brady now sleeps in his crib in his own room every night and wakes up about once a night. The whole "sleeping through the night" thing was short-lived. It wasn't consistent anyways, so I didn't expect it to last long. As long as he is now in his own crib and not in our room or in bed with me, then I will take it!

Brady's diet still consists of baby food and formula, but since he has teeth, we have introduced meltable solids, breads, and softer solids. He likes pancakes, refried beans(??), and watermelon right now. We are still working on getting him to use a straw cup versus a sippy cup...he is ALMOST there! He would just rather drink from an open cup though.

Our boy LOVES to talk. All the time. In church, in restaurants, during diaper changes, when going to sleep, in the car, and pretty much anytime he's awake. And this makes me so happy (It's the speech therapist in me ;) )! Except the during church part...whoops! Brady has the best personality and I love watching it start coming out in him...he is fearless, independent (but yet loves and needs his mama), happy, and so stinking sweet. He is also curious and pushes the limits. So guess who has started to learn the word "no"?...

Brady likes: baths, being outside, pancakes, Paw Patrol, dancing, swimming, being able to crawl, stealing dog toys from Biggio, brushing his teeth (he's obsessed!), and giving hugs in the morning.

Brady dislikes: being sick (still...who doesn't?!), when mommy leaves the room (still), and that he can't walk or stand by himself (still).

Our little bug/bear/buddy will be ONE year old in just 3 short months...cannot even believe it. We love you Brady, so much!

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