Brady is 10 months old!

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Our sweet boy is 10 months old!

I have no idea how much Brady weighs or how tall he is this month...I know he weighs more than 19 lbs though! I couldn't even give you an unofficial weight. But I can tell you that he can say dada, mama, and duck ("du"). Every now and then he says what sounds like "bye bye" when he waves, but it's not consistent yet! Brady's new trick is clapping...he just does it randomly throughout the day for no reason and it's too cute.  He has become really ticklish the past month or so and will crack up anytime you find those tickle spots. It's the sweetest sound! He is crawling all over the place these walking unassisted yet, but he is standing and walking by using the rails in his crib or our living room furniture.

He is now eating table food at every meal (along with a little bit of baby food here and there) and LOVES strawberries and drinking from his straw cup. He also discovered his sweet tooth - he has had his first taste of ice cream and donuts, and of course, he is obsessed. Can't say I blame him. The sleeping has gotten so much better! I don't want to jinx it, but he has been sleeping through the night for the past month or so, and it has definitely helped out a ton on mommy and daddy!

Eating turkey wraps and green beans at daycare

Brady had two weeks of swim lessons already this summer and ended up loving being in the pool. He definitely didn't like it at first, but over the 2 weeks, he became so comfortable in the water and looked forward to going! He loved to copy the other kids in the class and enjoyed playing on the kick board.

Over Memorial Day, Eric and I went on vacation with some friends, so Brady stayed with my parents for our first weekend away from him. He loved spending time with his Nana and Pawpaw!

Brady likes: strawberries, watermelon, any kind of puff, sticking his finger in your mouth when you are feeding him a bottle, dancing, swimming, door stoppers, clapping, and ice cream.

Brady dislikes: being overtired and falling after he tries to stand or walk by himself.

I am loving Brady's personality these days. He is sweet, happy, curious and mischievous, independent, loving, fearless, and a little bit sassy. It's the best. And he has these big blue eyes with these huge cheeks and this smirk on his face that you just can't resist.

Happy 10 months baby boy!! We love you!

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