Brady is 12 Months Old!

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Somehow, Brady is one year old! I'm not sure how it happened, and I'm honestly not sure how we all survived his first year, but we did! And now he is this little toddler who walks and talks and has the biggest and sweetest personality.

Brady is 30 inches long (75%tile) and weighs 22 pounds (35%tile) - tall and thin. He has 6 teeth, wears size 4 diapers, and wears size 12-18 month clothes. Brady now says "baba" for bottle and "buh" for book. And he walks everywhere!!

This past month, my girlfriend from Philly came into town, so my other girlfriends (from grad school) who live here all came over and we had a slumber party all weekend at my house. Brady loved all the attention!

Brady also had his first encounter with a swing and loved every second of it.

Brady's first birthday party was a success and he "reeled in the BIG ONE" with lots of family, friends, and love. We had an smash cake fail though... After everyone sang "Happy Birthday", Brady started crying and wanted nothing to do with his cake. He maybe got one bite in his mouth. Poor guy!

Brady likes: walking, eskimo kisses, pasta, donuts, playing guitar with daddy, his "nana" (paci), all the rubber ducks, and reading books.

Brady dislikes: being told "no" and getting out of the bath tub.

We love you Brady Joe and are so thankful you are ours!

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