Brady is 11 Months Old!

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Brady is 11 months old! Almost a year!!

Brady is wearing size 4 diapers and is mostly in 12-18 month clothes just because of his height.

Brady has now added dog ("do") and "uh-oh" to his vocab and says "uh-oh" in and out of context...meaning, all the time. He also started calling his paci "nana" thanks to a little game my mom (aka: Nana) started playing with him and his paci, therefore, he now thinks his paci is his nana. So hilarious.

Brady understands and comprehends SO's amazing. He knows what "no" and "come here" means, and just little things that I had no idea he would understand at this age. He also started signing "food" and "more" this month! It just baffles me that his little brain is soaking up all this information and that he is actually starting to use it. Brady can blow kisses and raspberries and especially likes to show off his new skill during mealtimes ;) He has 4-ish teeth...his 5th one is literally about to break through any day now, but the gum keeps swelling up, so I can't really tell.

Brady's daycare had an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease at the beginning of July and of course Brady decided he didn't want to be left out, so literally right before we went on vacation, he got HFM. It was awful. Sores his mouth, on his hands/feet, his butt (fun stuff), his back, basically his whole body. And in case you didn't know, because I didn't, babies get a crazy high fever (Brady had a 104 fever) with this thing. So off to urgent care we went. He was miserable. But we powered through and still managed to have a good time on vacation!

We went to Kerrville to visit my parents at their new vacation rental for the 4th of July first, where Brady experienced fireworks for the first time.

Then we went to Port Aransas for Eric's family reunion, which we go to every summer. So much fun! We always love spending time with his side of the family and catching up with family members that we don't get to see too often. But while we were there, Brady got stung by a jellyfish, as did like every other member of the family. Hand foot and mouth just wasn't enough! But not worries, he was good to go after some cuddling and a little bit of benadryl! Brady absolutely LOVED the sand (not so much the taste) and loved crawling all over the beach. So much fun to watch!

Wita with all her great-grandchildren!

Brady also got his first real haircut this month!! He looks like a little boy now! And the best part is that my hairdresser, who I have been seeing since junior high, was able to cut his hair! So special.

Brady likes: blowing kisses to everyone, being chased when he crawls, wiggling his tongue side to side, pointing at everything, dropping things on purpose just to say "uh-oh", sleeping on mommy's chest for post-daycare cat naps, and stealing our drinks.

Brady dislikes: elevators (he's terrified of them!).

I still can't believe we are only a month away from his first birthday. It blows my mind! We love you so much Brady boy and can't wait to celebrate you REELING IN THE BIG ONE ;)

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