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Another weekend at home!! Woohoo!
My best friend's [AKA: Kourtney] birthday was in April and I got her tickets to see Jason Mraz in concert in Dallas! We have wanted to see him in concert together since our sophomore year of high school...and we finally got to do it!

Kourtney & I have been besties since the summer before our freshman year of high school. We were in summer Conroe High volleyball camp together. And then we had volleyball tryouts & two-a-days together. A lot of bonding can happen with that much time, sweat, and tears spent together. We always joked that we were Misty May & Kerri Walsh (obviously, not as good though). She was my rock throughout high school and my support system throughout college. She was the MOH in Eric & I's wedding and we have remained close for the past 10 years! Friends for life :)

Us at our high school graduation party
Freshman year of high school...we are weirdos.
Kourt came up to Dallas on Friday and on Saturday morning we went shopping and headed to the pool. Then Saturday night, the fun began! Jason Mraz is one of my favorite musicians that isn't country ;) He is absolutely AMAZING live! Seriously, maybe even better than on CD. In between songs, he would just talk like he was the only person on the stage and he just seemed totally normal.

Listening to Christina Perri while waiting for Jason Mraz
Complimentary photo from the venue. Mhmmm. ;)

Looking much better than the previous pictures of us...haha

Here is a video I took at the concert of one of my fave songs of his, "Living in the Moment", which is on his new CD. [Don't mind the terrible singing]

We had such a blast at his concert...I would totally go again in a heartbeat.

On Sunday, we had a relaxing day at home! Here is what the dogs did...

Hard life, huh?
And this is what I did...
oh yeah...that would be puppy chow :)
This weekend, Eric & I are going to Tyler to visit my grandparents and cousins. And then the next weekend is our one-year wedding anniversary!!!!! Can you believe it has been one year already?! Time flies when you marry your best friend :)

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