Tearyn's Adventures in Dallas

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I don't know about you guys, but I am all about the Olympics these days. Eric & I literally sit in front of the TV from 7 pm-11 pm every night just watching the competitions. He likes the swimming, we both like the gymnastics, and I LOVE the track & field. I even got up at 5 am to watch the women's marathon last Sunday. I am obsessed. And you bet I am getting up at 5 am to watch the men's marathon race this coming Sunday too! Love it all!

This week, my cousin, Tearyn, came to visit me in Dallas (she was forced to watch a lot of Olympics haha) and we got to go out and about in Dallas and do some kid-friendly/air-conditioned stuff.

First stop, the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science. I am a sucker for science museums, and so I actually really enjoyed myself too! Tearyn wanted to see a prehistoric dinosaur Imax, which was pretty cool, minus the massive headache and dizziness post-movie. We both weren't feeling too hot after that. I can't do 3D because it gives me an immediate headache (thanks genetics ;)) and I forgot that I don't do Imax either, thanks to the dome shaped screen that is all around you. Woah. We saw a ton of exhibits, but my favorite was probably the human body exhibit. And I think Tearyn's was the Magic School Bus exhibit.

In the Shark Exhibit

In the nature part of the museum...sic em bears!

The next day, we went to the Dallas Zoo. Talk about a HOT day. We tried to go earlier in the morning, but the zoo didn't even open until 9, so we got there about 9:15 and it was already VERY HOT. Which meant not all the animals wanted to brave the heat :( But that's ok, we still had a lot of fun. T got to ride a camel, feed a giraffe who wanted glamour shots, and see a lion who acted like my dogs. Good times.

The lion exhibit was connected by a glass panel to a restaurant and it was so hot that the lions were laying right up next to the glass because the place was air conditioned. The glass felt so cool to them I bet. It was just so funny because this is exactly how Eric & I's dogs sleep. Hilarious.

T wanted a pic with it

This giraffe was hilarious! Everytime I put the camera by it, it would turn its head to the side so I could get a good glimpse of it's profile. It seriously was like it knew that pictures were being taken. So funny!

T feeding the giraffe 

She got to ride a camel!

On Wednesday, we went to get our nails done (love me some Shellac), shopped at the mall in Frisco, and saw Ice Age: Continental Drift. It was hysterical. I have always loved those movies and this was probably one of my favorites. We were cracking up the whole time.
Wednesday night we all went to Rainforest Cafe since it was T's last night with us. Eric had never been (what?!) and Tearyn & I love the atmosphere.

There was a lady there making balloon animals & T wanted a parrot. Too cute.
On Thursday, we had to sit at Firestone to get my car inspected & the oil changed (so annoying) and then we decided to go play putt-putt and a game of bowling.
Afterwards, we were lazy and just watched movies at home until we had to go drop her off.

We had so much fun together this week, and Eric & I loved having her visit. Love you T!

On another note...Eric & I got one-year anniversary pictures taken by the lovely VICTORIA CUMMINGS a couple weekends ago. She did a fantastic job. Here is a preview:

Colbie & Biggio were hams the entire time.

Thanks Vicki! You did so great! I would highly recommend this woman to anyone :)

This weekend, my best friend is coming to visit me and we are going to a Jason Mraz concert here in Dallas (yay!). And then in 3 weeks, I start grad school! YIKES! I absolutely cannot wait.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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