13 Weeks & 14 Weeks

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We are officially in the second trimester and I'm very excited about it! I honestly haven't had the easiest first trimester, so I have been ready for the second trimester for awhile. I was sick for weeks 11-13 with a nasty cold that pretty much knocked me on my butt. {And let me tell you, when all you can take is Tylenol and mucinex when sick while pregnant, it takes a whopping month to finally feel human again.} Then, around week 12 I started having an intense sciatica pain on my left side that leaves me couch ridden every couple of days depending on how aggravated it is. So painful! But regardless of everything that went on in the first trimester, I feel very thankful that this little boy is healthy and growing!

13 weeks:
I look absolutely miserable and exhausted...I was sick this week!! So don't judge.

I wasn't really showing this week, I just felt bloated and like I had a muffin top at this point in the pregnancy.

14 weeks:

You can't really tell because I'm wearing all black (trying to look slim, what can I say?), but I have an actual teeny tiny baby bump. I'm able to cover it up right now, but it's definitely there.

So far, I have gained about 1-2 pounds depending on the day. My skinny jeans are still able to button, but they feel tight and they leave a nice mark around my waist after wearing them for awhile. I wear scrubs to work, so that's been nice because I basically feel like I'm in pajamas all day, but when I'm not in scrubs, I tend to stick to leggings or my loose-fitting nike shorts. Speaking of nike shorts, wouldn't it be so great it they made maternity shorts??? I mean seriously, they would make even more money than they already do. I plan on just buying up a size in the near future.

I'm still running and working out regularly when I'm not sick, and I actually have a 10-mile race planned for the first weekend in April! I'm really excited about it! I wanted to do a half marathon, but Eric gave me a firm "no" on that one. So a 10-miler it is! My mom and one of her friends are going to be running it too, so that should be fun.

As far as cravings go, I am still craving V8 like crazy. I buy it in bulk now. The salty cravings and pickle cravings are still there, but my sugar addiction is slowly but surely starting to return. Jellybeans are my jam right now.

Biggio and Colbie are adjusting pretty well to everything...Biggio is much more lovey-dovey than usual and Colbie is way more possessive than usual. She looks out for me like her life depends on it. And Biggio just sits next to me 24/7 looking for extra pets and lovin'.

Overall, I feel pretty good all things considered. I know a lot of people have pregnancy horror stories, so I consider my self lucky and keep looking at the positives...the main one being, we will have a BABY BOY to love and snuggle and kiss in less than 6 MONTHS!

This coming weeks I will be 15 weeks prego...update coming soon!

And just for kicks, here is a picture of Biggio in all his glory...

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