36 Weeks

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Brady is the size of a honeydew

This week, Brady weighs 6 1/2 pounds and is around 18-19 inches long. His immune system is developed enough to protect him from infections outside the womb, his circulatory system is perfected, and his ears are extra in tune to everything these days.

I'm slowing down a little these days...definitely getting tired a lot easier than usual. Even the shortest day at work feels extremely long. I've started having round ligament pain every now and then and the sciatica pain continues off and on, but for the most part, I've been able to stay active. Although, I'm at the point where if I drop something on the ground, I leave it there and walk away! It's so hard to bend over now! I've been having Braxton-Hicks off and on for the last few weeks, but they have started to get more frequent, especially when Eric and I go for walks. I have gained 23 pounds to date and starting to level off a little bit, which is fine by me!

The dogs have started to act a little different lately...wanting to be close to me at all times and following me around the house. Apparently, that is a sign that labor is approaching soon, according to Google. (And Google's always right...)

We had an ultrasound and a checkup this week...I feel like this is doctor's appointment number 80. Between cardiologists appointments, high risk OB appointments, and general OB appointments, I just can't keep up. I literally write everything down after appointments or else I will get it confused with a different one. So insane.

Anyways, Brady looks great! He measured 6 1/2 pounds on the ultrasound, he has a full head of hair (no surprise there), and his heart rate was 136 bpm. I'm a little terrified, because if what they say is true about the baby gaining 1/2 pound a week, then he will end up being an 8 1/2 pound baby. Yikes. But at my OB checkup, I was already dilated and almost fully effaced (probably TMI)....meaning it could literally be any day now or it could be a couple weeks from now. We are thinking we won't make it to the September 7th due date, which I am totally okay with. (Except for the whole "raising a tiny human being and not knowing what you are doing" part of it...) Brady will be full term next week, so my doctor said she is ready when he is!

The nursery is slowly coming together. We are finishing it up this weekend...putting stuff on the walls, setting up the dresser, and organizing the closet. My mom is a rockstar and made our crib skirt, blankets, curtains, and pillowcases. Here is a picture one of the blankets she made! It turned out so great!

The pack'n'play is in our room ready for Brady, our hospital bags are packed, and I made 30 freezer meals last weekend that are ready to put in the crockpot and eat whenever he gets here. We are pretty much ready physically. Not sure about mentally though! We are just so excited to meet him!

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