37 Weeks & Nursery Reveal

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{Disclaimer: Brady has arrived! This post was written one day before Brady decided to join the world...I just forgot to publish it.}

This week, Brady is the size of a honeydew melon. And I definitely feel like I have a melon in there. He is almost 7 lbs and around 19 inches long. His lungs are almost fully mature, he is gaining around half a pound a week, and he is practicing breathing, sucking his thumb, blinking, and pivoting side-to-side (which is very uncomfortable for me).

I have been having LOTS of uncomfortable contractions...nothing regular though. They come and go right now, so I haven't really had to start timing them too much yet.

I had a checkup this week and everything still looks great. Brady's heart rate was 136 bpm, my BP was still low (pretty typical), and I have gained 23 pounds so far (same as last week). I have started to have a tiny bit of swelling, but I honestly don't know if it's due to pregnancy or just the Texas heat. Being pregnant in the summer is no fun.

Eric and I are still thinking that we won't make the September 7th due date. There are just way to many pre-labor signs happening right now. I say that, but watch him not come until September 14th! I go on maternity leave next Wednesday, so I'm hoping he comes shortly after that!

The nursery is pretty much done, except for putting things in the dresser drawers. I think I mentioned it a few blog posts ago, but the theme for Brady's nursery is deer and arrows. We used a couple of the antlers from bucks Eric has shot in the past, Eric's wooden carved bear from Breckenridge from when he was a kid, decorations some of our family made for our baby showers, and of course, Hobby Lobby did not disappoint with all the extra decor! Eric's brother made the dresser and nightstand, and I seriously couldn't be more pleased or excited with how they turned out. They are beautiful and look perfect in the room!! It is exactly what I pictured.

So here you go...nursery pictures!

{Up next...Brady's birth story!}

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