35 Weeks

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Only 5 weeks to go! I can't believe our baby's due date is almost here. As miserable as I have been, this pregnancy has honestly gone by so fast. Everyone said it would drag on, but it really hasn't. Maybe because we had so much going on throughout the pregnancy? Whatever the reason, I'm glad it hasn't felt crazy long.

This picture was taken right before we went for a long walk...excuse the workout clothes that are getting a little tight.

This week our baby boy weighs in around 5 and a quarter pounds and is around 18 inches long. He continues to gain fat and his lungs continue to mature. He jabs me and kicks me in the sides of my stomach constantly and he is continuously rolling around and wiggling. He never stops moving, especially in the evenings, which has really messed with my sleep. I guess he is preparing me for what's to come!

I have gained about 22 pounds to date...nothing crazy, but when I workout, it definitely feels like I packed on the pounds. It's getting a little harder to breathe during my workouts, so I've had to take it slow. Lots of walking happening around here now! Eric and I took our last trip this past weekend before the baby is born. We went to Dallas (Eric had some hotel points to use up) and we had a relaxing weekend just being together and enjoying each other's company before it's not just the two of us anymore.

I went back to the doctor this week for a checkup and everything is looking good. The baby's heart rate is holding steady at 140 bpm. I now start going to the doctor every week until the due date. Pretty crazy!

And you will be happy to know we have officially decided on a name!


BRADY JOSEPH UDELL! Eric's middle name is Joseph, so we are carrying that on...and he will have my first and last initial. Obviously, the BU was not a coincidence. {Sic 'em Bears...and sic 'em Brady!} We cannot wait to meet you baby boy!

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