Fourth of July Coast Trip

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So, this post is about 2 weeks late, but better late than never!

Every summer, Eric's family has a big family reunion down at the coast the weekend after July 4th. It is always SO much fun...visiting with family, seeing family that you don't get to see too often, and celebrating being a family. We always celebrate the July birthdays in the family that weekend too, so that is always a good time!

I am SO mad at myself because I only took about 2 pictures the whole weekend. :(

On July 4th (which was a Wednesday), Eric & I flew to Corpus where his parents picked us up and we all drove to Port Aransas.
I don't know why this picture below won't rotate, but oh well.

Eric got to be Eric Jose for the flight...his Mexican roots were definitely coming out!
Usually, we don't get to go until Friday because Eric has always had baseball and I have always had sorority stuff going on, so we both took off work and decided to go early this year! We had a big Fourth of July celebration on the beach with the whole family, which was a blast. The rest of the week consisted of being lazy on the beach, sun bathing, wine tastings, playing with all the precious babies in the family, slumber parties, celebrating birthdays, & oh, did I mention getting stuck in an elevator with 18 people and 2 ice chests?! (More about that in a minute.)

The July birthdays this year consisted of our niece Abigail (turning 2 tomorrow), our cousin Brooke (turned 18 on the 8th), our cousin Holly (turning 13 on the 21st), & my bday (turned 23 on the 13th). The whole Fernandez clan got together for cake and ice-cream.

Eric & I with our beautiful niece, Abigail, who turns 2 this week!
 One particular night, after spending some time on the beach, then at the condo's pool, we got the bright idea to pile 18 of our family members + 2 coolers into an elevator (might I add the occupancy was 16 people)...what were we thinking?! As we started going up, the elevator lurched and completely stopped in-between floors. It was SO hot & scary, but also SO funny. Eric was standing right by the doors and decided to try to pry the doors open. They got about halfway open and wouldn't go anymore.

Poor Holly was squished!
Drinking beer in a stuck elevator...classy ;)
We ended up calling the condo peeps & telling them we were stuck. Eric had to yell down to someone who was waiting for the elevator to ask what floor we were on. This person also happened to be a member of our family and quickly got the word out that 18 of us were stuck on an elevator. So when we finally go out, EVERYONE knew what happened & were freaking out. So funny. When the guy got there to open the doors for us and let us out, this is what happened...

Haha...SO many people exiting the elevator!
Eric being the gentleman he is and helping everyone out
 Overall, it was a WONDERFUL weekend, and we had a blast with all of our family. Unfortunately, Eric & I's flight out of Corpus got delayed until 1:30 am Monday morning, so when we finally got home at 3:30 am on Monday, we crashed! Eric took off work and we SLEPT ALL DAY! We were exhausted. We already can't wait until next year! :)

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