My Weekend in Memphis!

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Sorry for this overwhelming amount of blog posts all at once. I'm trying to catch up! After this one, I promise I am all caught up, until after this weekend. :)

So, once we finally got home from the coast and Eric went back to work on Tuesday, I realized that we were about to have to leave again.
And this is how our that convo went...

Me: "Oh my gosh, babe, we have to leave on Wednesday to go to Memphis for my cousin's wedding"
Eric: silence
Me: "Eric??"
Eric: silence
Me: "umm, ok, so are you going to be able to get off work?
Eric: "What are you talking about? When did this happen?"
Me: "I have been talking about it for weeks...the invite is on the fridge!"
Eric: "Oh."

Needless to say, Eric was not able to accompany me, because SOMEONE forgot to take off work. But it's ok, no hard feelings.

So, because Eric wasn't able to go, my mom wasn't able to go (she is gallivanting in Alaska right now), and my dad wasn't able to go (he had to work too), it was just me and my Mimi & Pops. We had such a good time! I drove to Tyler (where my g-parents live) on Wednesday night, and then we drove to Memphis on Thursday when my Pops got off work.

Important road trip munchies :)
Once we got to Memphis, it was almost time for my cousin, Jason, and his fiancé Shannon's, rehearsal dinner to begin. It just so happened to be my birthday the next day (Friday) and I was kinda bummed that Eric wasn't going to be there to celebrate with me, but my Aunt Madolyn definitely made up for it! She got me this cake and brought it to the rehearsal dinner! Coolest cake EVER!

The next day, which was my cousin's wedding day, some of the family went to lunch for my bday at Newk's Cafe. We decided to dig into my cake after lunch :)

After lunch, we did some sightseeing around Memphis and then headed to the hotel to relax until the wedding.

Downtown Memphis
Shortly after I got back to my room, there was a knock at my door. Room service was there with a special delivery from my parents! They got me this spectacular set-up for my birthday! Greatest parents in the world. It made me really wish they were there and that they could spend the day with me. It also really made me miss my husband (notice the TWO glasses for wine). But my Mimi decided to enjoy a glass with me instead...greatest Mimi ever :)

After we enjoyed some wine and cheese & crackers, we headed to the wedding.

It was such a beautiful & simple ceremony...very Jason. I was so happy to be able to share in their special day with them. Jason and I grew up together and loved getting to spend time together when we were little.  But because he lived in TN, it was hard to us to get together very often. So getting to see him get married was so special. Shannon was such a beautiful bride...she is perfect for Jason in so many ways.
Saying their vows
Praying together before being pronounced "husband & wife"
The Charnes!!
After the ceremony, we headed to the reception. We didn't stay too long, but just enough time to get a picture together!

Mimi couldn't work my phone...
...but she finally got it! Congrats Jason!

The next day, we visited with my aunt & uncle, Jason's sis Rhonda & her husband and baby girl, and some friends from out of town. We went to a catfish joint by their house, which was AWESOME! Some of the best food.

We then went back to the hotel to get lots of sleep so we could get up at 5 am to head back home. I loved getting to visit family out of town, but I was also very happy to get back home to my husband. I missed him so much!
When I got back home, he surprised me with a sports massage for my bday....can't wait to use that next week!

Congrats Jason & Shannon...enjoy your honeymoon in Niagara Falls!
This coming weekend, Eric & I are traveling to San Antonio for our niece, Abigail's, 2nd birthday party! She is growing up WAY TOO fast. Hopefully I will remember to take lots of pictures and share them with you next week :)

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