Abigail's 2nd Birthday!

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Eric & I's niece, Abigail's, birthday was this past week on Thursday, and this weekend was her birthday party. We weren't able to be there for her ACTUAL birthday, but we go these pictures from our fam via iPhone.

Blowing out the candles on her cake!
Riding around in one of her birthday gifts
Her party was on Saturday in San Antonio at our brother/sister-in-law's house. It was cupcake themed, so there were cupcakes everywhere and lots of great food. We got to visit with lots of family that we don't normally get to see, and we got to spend time with this precious baby girl.

She got to eat so many cookies, cupcakes, and dessert. I think she is finally getting the hang of blowing out candles!

Her birthday outfit was this dress with a tutu attached and it was so adorable! She is SUCH a cutie.

Not sure what to make of all these people staring at her.
After the party ended, Eric & I stayed after to visit with Adam & Melissa and of course, play with Abby. She wanted to open ALL her presents and play with everything all at once...it was so funny. She  is such a ham and always turning on her charm when people are around, so she was having the time of her life all day long. Eric & I got her a Cabbage Patch Kid (remember when those were popular?!) and she would put it in her stroller and take the "baby" everywhere with her. She loved it :)

On Sunday, before Eric & I left SA, Adam, Melissa, & Abigail came over to spend some time with us. Sometimes I wish we lived in SA, just so we could see our niece more...I miss her so much! We love her to pieces!

Playing with some on her birthday presents!
We love you Abigail, and you are growing up WAY too fast! Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl!

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