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For all of you who read my recent post, "Thoughts of My Heart", I figured I should follow up with a post-cardiology appointment update.

Today was my third annual cardiology checkup, but my first checkup with my new doctor here in Dallas.
After waiting for 30 minutes in the waiting room, and then an hour in the exam room, I finally was able to talk to the doctor. While I waited though, the nurse took my vitals, 100/60 BP & 50 bpm heart rate, and ran a quick EKG. Probably the fastest EKG I have ever had.
When the doc came in, she told me that on my EKG results, she could definitely see my heart murmur, still doing what it does, but that she also saw a little red flag. When my heart is pumping, it is having some back-flow of blood in the ventricles. This means that I am having some "heart valve regurgitation"...my valves are not closing completely, which is causing the blood to flow backward. She said it was nothing to freak out about, just something that needs to be tested and monitored.
So guess what I get to do next week? Get an echocardiogram done, blood work done, and a follow-up appointment. So much fun. Not.

The doctor also pointed out the fact my heart rate is low, which makes me bradycardic. Meaning "slow heart rate". I have always known that my heart rate is slow, especially from running, but it is now on my record that I have bradycardia. Just something else to add to my medical record.

The doctor told me to keep taking my baby aspirin everyday (woohoo doing something right!) and to also take 2000 mg of fish oil a day because it helps with the heart's natural rhythm. So let's add that to my list of supplements.

Overall, not a terrible checkup. Now I am just worried about the upcoming tests.
Prayers needed please!

On a brighter note, the Chevron Houston Marathon is coming up quick (January)! So ready to run a great race!

Have a wonderful week everyone :)

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