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So, this past weekend, Eric & I went to Conroe to host my cousin, Tearyn's, 10th birthday party with my mom & dad. My mom & I planned her party and we had a blast.
She was adamant about having a "ROCKER DIVA" party, so that's what we did :) She wanted to the whole nine yards...zebra print, neon colors with black, and the disco balls, pop rock music, and peace signs.

We held the party at my parents house under their new addition to the barn. It is a huge awning with an outdoor bar underneath, and icicle lights hung all over the edges. We set up picnic tables and had a big space for the kids to have a dance party. It was beautiful outside!

I only took a few pictures, because I was running around trying to do stuff the entire time, but I ended up getting some off of Facebook from my Papa, so I am posting some of those too.
I wish I could have gotten more "detail" pictures. The details were the best part.

Tearyn had a big part in picking out everything for the party, so this wasn't just my mom & I. She even picked out her invitations.

T wanted to look exactly like a rocker. So, about an hour before the party started, I made-over Tearyn and her best friend Riplee into rocker chicks. They loved it! I put neon hair clip-ins in their hair, had them dress in neon colors, and did their makeup hardcore. Oh, and can't forget about the glitter hairspray! Coolest stuff ever.

Tearyn helped me make a backdrop for all the kids to take a picture in front of and to have as decoration.

Her cake turned out awesome! Very rocker diva.

Waiting for the party to start!
When each of the kids got there, we had them make their own guitars using all kinds of craft supplies.
They were obviously concentrating very hard.

My dad made his signature "chikfila chicken"...I swear it tastes almost exactly like Chikfila. In fact, one of my favorite little boys, Mason, said that it was BETTER :)
We also had fries, fruit, veggies, and of course, cake, icecream, and cookies.

Next event was the dance contests. We split up the boys and girls and had them make up routines to songs and perform them for the parents.
The girls chose "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. They choreographed everything and it was legit.

We played "pin the microphone on the rock star" aka Selena Gomez, and the kids loved it. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures!

We also had a piñata! And of course, it was a peace sign.
Poor Eric and my Uncle Tony got put in charge of directing the piñata.
I'm not even sure who ended up busting it...there were SO many kids.

Ian was so cute. They were giving him such a hard time and pulling it way up just as he was about to swing. But he gave it his best shot!

My cousin, Aaron, hitting the pinata.
Tearyn's BFF Riplee giving it a shot.
Blowing out the candles!
We did cake and icecream next. I still can't believe she is 10 now! I remember perfectly the day she was born.


Pink & camo backpack...perfect for T.
 So my Uncle Phil got her an iPhone 5, but in order to open it and use it, she had to get 10 birthday spankings and a pinch to grow an inch. And of course, she was more than willing to get the spankings ;)

Perfect action shot!
Overall, the party was a success! The only thing that mattered was that Tearyn and her friends had a great time. And they did! So I would say it was a hit.

Biggio & Colbie got the leftover glow sticks. And let's just say the after-party got a little crazy...

Crazy kids.

Last weekend was a much needed break from everything that has been going on. It was nice to take my mind off something and focus on someone other than myself. We had a great time.

My parents are now coming to Dallas in a week for my doctor appointments and to spend some time with us here at home. We are looking forward to not only this weekend at home, but the next weekend too. We have been traveling for a month now! We need a break.

I'm off to go to sleep so I can attempt a run in the morning...don't worry, I am running SLOW :) Not doing anything crazy until I get my final results. Running makes me happy and takes my mind off everything, so as long as I can do it and not cause harm to my heart, then I will.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will keep you posted with updates from my doctor's appointments next week.

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