26 Weeks

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Here we are at 26 weeks:

I was EXHAUSTED when this picture was taken...we had just finished moving into our house and I honestly didn't even want to take this picture. Blah.

But here it is...

Side note: I need to find a new spot of the house to take pictures...the lighting is terrible.

Baby boy is the size of a head of lettuce, weighs approximately 2 pounds, and measures around 9 inches long. His eyes are beginning to open, he can now not only hear noises but respond to them, his fingernails and eyelashes are developed, and his swallow his getting stronger!

He is moving a lot more during the day now...still moves a lot at night, but continues to wake up in the afternoons for a bit. I am starting to not sleep as well thanks to his constant movement at night (and Eric's snoring...), but nothing a little nap during the day can't help.

I still don't know how much weight I have gained so far, but I will know more at the doctor this week. My sciatica pain has been really intense this past week (probably from all the packing and unpacking) and I've had a lot of general lower back pain. I'm sure it's because I am starting to gain more weight steadily and my body is definitely not used to it. My cravings haven't been as intense lately, but I'm still wanting Bahama Bucks snow cones and burgers and fries. Thank goodness Eric is happy to oblige in these things with me :)

We are mostly all moved into our house...we have a couple boxes left to unpack, our garage needs major help, and we need to put up decor, but other than that, we are pretty much moved in! I will try to post pictures of our house as we start getting it completely finished. And of course I will be updating at the end of this week for my 27 week update and all of the OB appts.

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