27 Weeks

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We are now in the third trimester!!

I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day now, instead of by the week.  We took the weekly picture in the nursery today. Trying to find better lighting...

The other side of this picture looks like this...

The walls are painted a silver gray color. Along with the white crib, we are planning on doing a white dresser/changing table with a walnut wood top and a matching nightstand (made by Eric's brother!!). Our glider and ottoman are a charcoal gray color that we hopefully will get in by the time the baby is born. All the decor will be white, teal/aqua, and navy, with wood accents here and there. Hobby Lobby here I come! The theme is deer and arrows. Thanks to a husband who hunts a lot, we have quite the variety of antlers to pick from to put on the wall. Once we have more furniture in there and the bedding and wall decor up, I will start to post more pictures.

Update on doctor's appointments...
We had an appointment with the high-risk OB for an ultrasound this week. Everything continues to look great! The baby's heart looks totally normal, which is a huge relief, and he is growing just like he is supposed to. He weighs 2 1/2 pounds already!! Almost a half pound bigger than what he is supposed to weigh at 27 weeks. His limbs are in the 91%tile for length and his head circumference is in the 90%tile (yikes...).  He was a little uncooperative for this weeks ultrasound, and it didn't help that the umbilical cord was all bunched up in front of his little face. He had the hiccups at the beginning of the ultrasound, which didn't help the tech get a good picture of him either. He is in a transverse position, so his head is in my right hip and his feet are in the left side of my rib cage. A really comfortable position for me... not. They tried to do a 3D ultrasound at this appointment, but because of the cord in front of his face, they weren't able to get a good picture. Maybe next time!

Profile view...top of head is on the left.
His little foot at the top of the screen
We had a checkup with the general OB this week too. His heart rate was 143 bpm and he is growing right on track. I did my gestational diabetes testing and am still waiting on the results. I will update on that next week. I have to start going to the OB every 2 weeks, which is scary because it means we are that much closer to being first-time parents, but it is also a real pain too. I am drowning in appointments!! I have now gained about 12-14 pounds depending on the day of the week. He is still moving tons and still jumps at loud noises (thunder, door bell, dogs barking...) and loves to kick his daddy when Eric puts his hand on my belly. We are still working on a name...I'm really hoping he has one by the time he is born. We have 5 names we like, and one is starting to stick...I just want to see what he looks like first before we officially decide.

More to come during week 28!

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