28 Weeks

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Here we are at 28 weeks...

Apparently around this time, the baby is supposed to be getting in the correct birthing position (head down). However, our little nugget is pretty comfortable in a transverse position with his head in my right hip and his little legs in my left rib cage. He has been in that position since early on. And anytime he moves, I can tell exactly what his position is...transverse ALL the time.

Baby weighs a little over 2 1/2 pounds and measures about 16 inches long. He hiccups a lot more these days and it's not the most comfortable thing when he hiccups while pushing up against my bladder. He now blinks, has eyelashes, sticks out his tongue (what??), and experiences REM sleep. Now if only I could experience REM sleep these days...

I am not going to lie...this week was rough. I have mentioned here before that I have experienced some pretty intense sciatica pain during pregnancy and this week, it was in full force. The pain is so bad sometimes that I can barely function or make it through the day. I live in a constant state of discomfort and when I move the wrong way, sleep the wrong way, or sit down/stand up too quickly, then a shooting pain goes down my left leg and up the left side of my back. It's terrible. I have tried everything to ease the pain, including seeing a chiropractor, ice, heating pad, warm baths, stretching, and KT tape for support around the belly. One of the only things left was the pool, which I tried this week. Friday the pain was so bad that Eric forced me to go to the pool. And I have to say, it felt AMAZING. I was pain free for the first time in months. I did some water running/walking, range of motion exercises, and stretching. I felt weightless and it was awesome. Then I had to get out. Not so fun. If I could just live in the pool all summer, that would be great. A few people have recommended a maternity support belt, but I've heard they don't work most of the time? Anybody have experience with using one of those? I would prefer not to wear a bulky velcro belt all day long, but I am up to try anything at this point. Any suggestions to relieve the sciatica pain are welcome! I would just hate to be on bed rest later on in the pregnancy just because of this.

Hopefully this coming week will be better. I have a cardiologist appointment and a general OB checkup this week. Oh and update on the gestational diabetes testing...everything is fine and I was negative for diabetes! Yay!

More to come after my appointments this week! :)

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