34 Weeks & Baby Shower #3

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Our little babe weighs around 5 pounds this week and could be as long as 18 inches. He opens his eyes when he's awake and closes them when he's asleep, his fingernails have now reached the tips of his fingers, and his central nervous system and lungs are continuing to mature. It makes me feel a million times better knowing that if he were to come early, he would survive and more than likely be perfectly healthy!

This mama is definitely over being pregnant. I am still sleeping ok, I'm not super uncomfortable, I just don't like everything else that comes with being pregnant. Let me back up...this past week I had a horrible UTI (maybe TMI?). Thankfully my doc was able to diagnose me over the phone, I took some antibiotics, and it went away. Fast forward to a day after completing my 7 day antibiotic...
It was the morning of baby shower #3 and Eric and I had big plans to go pick up our glider and ottoman for the nursery. Apparently life had other plans. We were in the car on our way to breakfast and I thought I was getting another UTI. I had all the UTI symptoms, except that I also had a SEVERE pain in my right lower back and right lower abdomen. I seriously thought I was about to have to tell my dad to go to the ER instead of breakfast. We got to the restaurant and I immediately called the on-call OB to see what I needed to do. It sounded to her like a UTI, so she told me to push fluids and cranberry juice and to rest. After the phone call, I was pretty much doubled over in pain, couldn't eat, couldn't drink, so I told Eric we needed to leave NOW. We ended up in the ER after leaving the restaurant, where I was diagnosed with kidney stones. I was immediately hooked up to an IV for fluids and told I couldn't take any pain meds because of the baby. I was in the most intense pain I have ever experienced in my life. I would never wish that pain on anyone. I remember telling Eric that I would have rather broken a bone than have kidney stones. I ended up demanding them to call my OB and get the go ahead for some type of pain medication, which just so happened to be a low dose of morphine believe it or not, which ended up just dulling the pain and leaving me feeling light-headed, groggy, and still in unbelievable pain. So remember how I said this happened the day of our shower? Yeah. Anyone who knows me knows I am super stubborn. So guess what we ended up doing that night? Leaving the ER after getting a bag of IV fluids and more morphine and going to our baby shower. I got ready for the baby shower in about 20 minutes, but we made it. When we got to the shower, my papa, who is a retired pastor, anointed me with oil and prayed over me for the kidney stones to pass quickly and to keep the baby safe. {Good news: our baby is doing great and is still healthy and safe!} I was very grateful for that. We opened presents, visited with everyone, and had cake, and then headed home so I could sleep. Unfortunately, sleep was not going to happen unless I had the pain under control...which I didn't. I called the on-call OB again and asked if there was anything she could prescribe me for the pain. I seriously just couldn't take it. I couldn't think clearly and I was having a hard time breathing because of the pain. And before you think I'm a wimp...supposedly kidney stones are worse than childbirth without an epidural or pain medication. So there. The OB prescribed me a mild pain killer than wouldn't harm the baby, so Eric went to CVS at midnight to pick up the meds. He earned major brownie points during this whole experience. Long story short, I finally got some sleep and the kidney stones passed 4 days later. Worst pain of my life.

So I am definitely over being pregnant. I'm over the sciatica pain, the heartburn, the peeing every 10 minutes, the kidney stones, the UTI's, and the feeling of utter exhaustion at the end of the day (which I'm sure won't go away anytime soon). The only things that are getting me through is Eric's daily reassurance and knowing that at the end of this we will have a sweet baby boy that we will love unconditionally. I keep looking at the pictures of his cute little face to get me through the tough moments, which there are a lot of lately. I just want our baby to be here. I'm hoping that I survive the newborn phase better than I have survived this pregnancy so far.

In lighter news, baby shower #3 was perfect! It was hosted by my Aunt Becky, Aunt Julie, and my grandma. They put so much love and time and energy into all the details and it was wonderful.

Don't mind the misspelling...

Definitely on pain killers in this picture.
We are so grateful to my family for hosting such a beautiful baby shower. And a huge thank you to everyone who came out and joined us in prayer for my health and the baby's health.

An update on the nursery...after the kidney stones passed, I did almost all the baby's laundry, hung it up, folded it, and put it in piles until we get the dresser in there. Our glider and ottoman now has a home, the closet is slowly getting organized, and the decorating will start this week! I can't wait to see the result! My hospital bag and the diaper bag are packed an ready to go and the car seat will be installed this week. We are in the home stretch now...thank God!

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