Run Like The Wind

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Eric & I made it back from Waco this weekend after a wonderful sing-filled weekend with my Baylor bears and AXO sisters. We had so much fun and I wish I had a video of their fantastic sing performance.
But unfortunately, copyright is an issue :( I can't believe I didn't take ANY pics...I usually take like a bajillion pictures at events like this, but I guess it just slipped my mind. So here is a picture of Baylor AXO sisters that was taken at SING.

Their theme was "Jukebox Heroes" which followed a rock band from the garage to the stage. My little is the cute blonde in the purple outfit that is in the center 2nd row. She is awesome!

The band in the last song!

Look at that perfection :)

I love my sisters...I wish I was performing with them!

We can't wait to go back to Waco to see everyone again. When we are there, it feels like we are home. I love going back and I love being on Baylor's campus. If I could go to grad school there, I would do it in a heartbeat!

Obviously, Eric & I travel A LOT...we like to be busy on the weekends, and traveling is usually involved! In a couple weeks, we are going to see my parents in Conroe and go to a wedding, and then a couple weeks after that we are going to Waco again so I can run the Bearathon (THE HARDEST HALF IN TEXAS!). And then we are going to try to fit in a trip to see his parents in San Antonio soon. Oh and of course, I can't forget our trip to Boston for the Boston Marathon in April! We are making a big vacation out of it and staying for a week! I have never been, and I can hardly wait! I have dreamed about running Boston ever since I started running and now my dream is coming true. So happy!

Speaking of running marathons, Eric & I (and a few of our friends) have decided to run the Austin Tough Mudder in October! If you don't' know what it is, then CHECK IT OUT. Basically, we are going to get a team together to run a half marathon that includes British Special Forces training obstacles about every couple of miles. Go watch these videos NOW and then sign up for a race. So cool!

All right, well I guess that is a pretty long post for tonight...Everyone have a wonderful rest of your week!

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