Colbie's First Run

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The title makes me sound like I am about to post about my kid's first steps. Sheesh.
I promise I am not a crazy dog lady. They are just all I have to blog about right now ;)

So, my schedule this semester just so happens to be all morning classes, which is good & bad.
Bad: I have to get up at 6 am.
Good: I come home after class and have ALL day to get my stuff done. And I get to take the pooches on a walk.

We have a ritual of going for our morning walk every day when I get out of class.
Biggio, as most of you know, isn't much of a running dog. He has issues with running.
And Colbie has been too young to take on a walk, because her joints are still growing and forming.

But in November, she will be a year old, and the vet says that a little before their first birthday, if they haven't had any crazy growth spurts, then you can start running them.
So guess what Colbie & I did today?! We went for our first REAL & structured run!

She did so great. Seriously, she is like a completely different dog when she is running. I was so impressed. Usually, she is a hyper, always begging for attention, pushing the limits dog. And when I walk the dogs together, she actually does really well. But running is a completely different story. She is literally like the perfect dog. She stayed with me the whole time and was the most obedient dog. She followed every single one of her leash commands and she was completely focused. I swear she was a new dog. And she actually enjoyed it! (or at least I think she did.) I found out that she can actually keep a 7 minute pace for 3 miles. Go Colbie! Biggio, I love you, but he could never do that. Ever. In his life.

Anyways, needless to say, post-run, she was quite the pooped puppy.

I cannot wait to start running her long distances! She is going to be a great week-day running partner.

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