Lots of surprises.

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The past 2 weeks have been filled with birthdays, stomach flus, road trips, & a 10k!
Last weekend, we celebrated our friend, Justin's, 30th birthday! His sweet wife, Liz, planned a surprise party for him at a bar in Addison, with all his closest friends and some family. Here are a few pics from the night...

Me, Eric, Justin (bday boy), & other Eric
We made some new friends too! Yay! Couples to actually go out with :)

That Sunday, our cousin was in town for the night and wasn't feeling well, so she asked us to come watch her adorable baby girl for her so she could focus on getting better. We of course said yes, but little did we know that we would both get the stomach flu that was passed along through our WHOLE FAMILY! It's really funny to laugh about now, but at the time, not so much.
After we went to see T & Sawyer, we found out that our family that Tara had visited had gotten sick with the stomach flu, which was what she had. On Tuesday morning, Eric got the stomach flu and I was hoping that I somehow missed the bug. But no. While I was taking care of Eric on Tuesday, I started feeling funny all of a sudden and sure enough, by Tuesday night, I was holed up in the bathroom. With my schoolbooks. I had 2 tests the next day and I wasn't letting anything stop me from attempting to finish studying. But the flu had other plans. I was up sick all night and had a test at 8 am, so and I couldn't focus on studying, so I just winged it. Turns out, winging it and relying on what I HAD studied, worked! Made great grades on all my tests. Take that stomach flu!
I think this bug affected 10 family members total? Crazy!! It literally happened overnight.
Eric & I were quite the sight to see from Tuesday to Thursday. Oh man. If only you could have been a fly on the wall. Me taking care of him, him taking care of me, repeat. It is hysterical to think about now.

Once we got over the stomach bug, we headed to Houston to visit my parents for the weekend, and so I could run the Woodforest Bank Charity 10k. I was hoping that the flu didn't hit me too hard so I could still run my race and do well. Also, little did Eric know, but I had planned a surprise birthday get-together for him at Pappasitos with some family and friends. So we had to be well for that!

Saturday morning, my mom and I woke up super early to get ready for our race (it was her FIRST 10K!). Then we headed to the start line. I was feeling really good, so I was actually hoping to place, and guess what? I DID!
So proud of my mama!
I started out the race in the front of the pack with all the guys and it stayed that way until about mile 5, when some woman came out of nowhere and practically sprinted past me. I tried to catch her for the last mile, but because I was coming off the stomach flu, the nausea hit me pretty hard. I couldn't do it. Why is it so hard for me to lose?! I have major issues when it comes to competitiveness. Just ask my family...or Eric. It's a problem.
Anyways, I still finished strong, with a 44:51 time. I finished 2nd female overall and 1st in my age group (20-29 years). Overall, I am really proud of my time and my placement!

Brooke (friend from church) finished 2nd in her age group (10-19) 
Receiving my medal at the awards ceremony!
While my mom & I were at the race, this is what my dad and Eric did...

True men.

Saturday night was Eric's surprise party. I had reserved a table at Pappasitas so all our Houston friends and some of our family members could come and just eat dinner and visit with everyone since we don't get to see them TOO often.
The whole "trying to get Eric there at a certain time" thing was so hard. There is a Bass Pro over by the restaurant, and it was so hard to drag him out of there. But we got there just in time and he was so SHOCKED. He literally had NO idea that I had organized this. I really thought he knew. But he didn't! He walked to the table behind me and just stopped. And stared. He couldn't speak...I don't think I have seen him at such a loss for words. It was hilarious.

Our brother/sis-in-law/niece came in from San Antonio, Eric's parents came in from SA, our cousins came in from Richmond, our friends came from Houston, and our grandparents!

Paul, Shipper, me, Eric, Jake, & Kourt...love each of them so much!
Eric had such a wonderful time visiting and being with our friends again. I am so happy that it was such a good turn out and that he had such a good time. I just wish it could have been longer. We miss everyone SO much!

After dinner, Pappasitos sang happy birthday to him! [I can't believe he is turning 25 tomorrow] They made him wear a sombrero. True mexican.

Cute birthday boy. 
Our niece, Abigail, had a good ole time eating the ice straight from the cake ;)

And of course, Gigi had to help her out! :)
She is too cute.
Surprise party = success!!

Today we came home and guess what we did?! Bought a bike! Eric, being the most amazing husband that he is, has agreed to ride our new bike alongside me on my weekly long runs! He is now my supporter (on a whole new level), my hydration system, & my radio. ;)
He is going to hand my water & GU, talk to me, play music, and push me during my crazy hard long runs. I have a feeling this is going to be the start of a new type of relationship....especially at 6 am on Sunday mornings! Poor guy doesn't know what he is getting himself into.

My new "running" partner.
It's past my bedtime...so everyone have a wonderful week!

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