Dog Days of Summer

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Now that we have had our own dog (s) in our life for almost 4 years, I can honestly say that I have learned life lessons from them. Weird, I know, but it's true.

My pal.
Eric got Biggio for me during my sophomore year of college, when he was raised from a pup in a household full of 5 girls. He loved every second of it. We got Colbie during our first year of marriage, last January, and she will be a year old this November.

I don't want to pick favorites, but Biggio is probably by best pal. He has never left my side for the past 3 1/2 years. Maybe when Colbie and I have been together that long, then she will be my favorite. ;)
Biggio and I have this unspoken bond. We just get each other. Yes, you are probably laughing, but I swear he just knows how I am feeling all the time and he knows what I get mad at and what I will praise him for. He is very intuitive.

This is me & Biggio...haha.
Colbie is incredibly spunky and slightly crazy. She is always excited and always hyper. I love her too, don't get me wrong, Biggio is just calmer and how do I say it? Less psycho?

Anyways, back to the point of this post.
Here are a few things I have learned through the years about our dogs and how it relates to the meaning of life.

1. Get excited about the simple joys and little things in life. AKA-going for walks & getting a treat.
It amazes me how excited Biggio & Colbie get when we are about to leave the apartment for our daily walk. Every morning, when I get home from class, I take the dogs for a walk. It's so funny, because they know it's coming, yet they still are SO HAPPY about it. They love being outside and getting their extra energy out. It really makes you want to get excited about the walk too.

2. Stop & smell the flowers.
This is along the lines of getting excited about the little things. I can take Biggio outside and he could just sniff away for hours if I let him. Granted, half of that time, he would be sniffing for a good place to pee "do his business" and mark his territory. But still, he could just explore forever. He also loves to lay on our porch and just stare outside and look at EVERYTHING. He can sit there for hours too. It makes me want to just sit on our porch with a glass of tea and stop everything I'm doing and just look & listen.

3. Eat with enthusiasm.
I think this one explains itself. There is nothing better than discovering a new restaurant or a new dish and just eating whole-heartedly. That is what our dogs do every time they eat...and it's the SAME FOOD. We really should enjoy get out and enjoy this amazing plethora of food that we have in this country.

4. Be generous.
Our dogs, Biggio especially, loves to bring toys to people who visit our people or people he has known forever. If he hears someone knocking on the door, his first reaction is to grab a toy and wait for the person to come inside. Once they are inside, he will drop the toy and spin in circles waiting for the person to play. Even though it is HIS toy, he just gives it to people, regardless if he knows they will play or not.
I wish I was this generous in my everyday life.

5. Practice obedience.
I have such a huge problem with this. Ask my mom...I think it's safe to say I have struggled with this concept for my whole life. I wish I could say that my dogs taught me to be more obedient, but they didn't. I'm just putting this in there for all you peeps, because they are truly REALLY good role models. I don't want to brag, but they are so obedient! Especially Biggio. Colbie is still learning, but she's getting there. I don't give her enough credit. They stay when they are supposed to stay, sit when they need to sit, come when called, and they are just well-behaved. [They just get a little TOO excited sometimes.]

6. Protect the people you love.
Our dogs are wonderful guard dogs. When I run with Biggio, if anyone is way too close, he will let them know with a soft growl. If someone he doesn't know [or doesn't smell familiar] is at the door, he let's them know that he is not a happy camper and they need to get lost.
He is a great companion to have because he will not leave your side when you need protection. I hope that I would follow that example by protecting someone I love if they were in danger.

B waiting for Eric to get home from work.
7. Be loyal.
I like to think that I am a loyal person. But if you really want to see true loyalty, come hang out with Biggio and I for the day. It amazes me how dogs can be so loyal to someone. You should see Biggio with my 9-year old cousin, Tearyn. When we visit family in Conroe, he sticks to her like glue sometimes. He just loves her.

8. Accept attention & let yourself be in the spotlight once in awhile.
I will be the first one to admit that I despise loathe hate attention. I cannot stand it. Dogs on the other hand, love it. They would bathe in it if they could. Sometimes I have to remind myself, that even though I hate attention and hate the spotlight on me, I deserve it at certain times. Birthdays, college graduation, new jobs, etc. Everyone deserves it. You deserve it, so let yourself enjoy it.

9. Let people know how you are feeling.
Dogs obviously can't talk, so they show their emotions with their tail, whining, barking, or licking. They are honest creatures. They can't hide anything, and sometimes, we shouldn't either. Let people know if you are excited, sad, angry, jealous, happy, etc. It is so much easier to talk about something than keep it in. I know this firsthand. Lesson learned.

10. When someone is having a bad day, just be quiet, sit next to them, and cuddle.
I think this one could stand alone.
Biggio knows when something is wrong me or if I have had a bad day. He just comes over to me, sits down (or lays on my lap), and just relaxes. I wish everyone had a dog, just for this reason.

11. Love unconditionally.
Dog's don't pass judgment on you. They don't care what you look like or how you act. They don't ask themselves, "well should I give them the benefit of the doubt?" They just love.
They love you because you are their owner and their friend. They are excited to see you everyday when you get home, even if it's only been 30 minutes since they saw you last. They love unconditionally to the point of extreme loyalty. I love this about them. I can just roll out of bed in the morning and Biggio & Colbie will greet me with smooches, even though I have morning breath. I wish I could love as unconditionally as's a hard concept to grasp.

I just love this picture too much not to share...Biggio as a pup.
12. Be yourself.
Colbie is a crazy psycho dog, but I love her anyways. She doesn't pretend to be a different way around me [that's just crazy talk], even though she knows I hate her psychoness. She knows I love her regardless.

Don't hide behind a facade. Don't pretend you are someone else. God made you the way you are for a reason, so just be yourself.

Now yall probably think I am crazy for comparing my dogs to humans, but if you haven't had a dog, then highly suggest you get one, because you will know what I mean. Our dogs have taught me to a better leader, a better companion, and a better person.

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