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Last Wednesday was my first day back to school since my one year hiatus from undergrad. Talk about a different experience!
I really wish I could put into words how I felt at 6 am Wednesday morning as I was preparing for the commute to my 8 am in Denton. I was anxious, excited, nervous, and a little scared to be completely honest. I absolutely LOVE school & I LOVE to learn. But after taking a year off, and then having the added pressure of having certain standards to uphold, I just was a bit overwhelmed to say the least.

For those of you who don't know, yes I am technically starting grad school, but because I didn't originally get my Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences/Disorders, I have to go through what is called the "leveling" process. I am taking a few undergrad classes right now that will prepare me for the grad classes, but I have to make B's in everything in order to complete my acceptance. For those of you that know me, this means I have to make all A's. That is just the way I think.

So, anyways, I got to school around 7:45, parked, and walked to my first class. What a different world. UNT is VERY different from Baylor, but not in a bad way. Just different. After being at Baylor for 4 years, coming to UNT is just a new experience. It was a different environment and a different group of people, but I can definitely get used to it. So far, so good! Minus the fact that I feel super old in a couple of my classes, especially because I am the only married student in all my classes...haha :)

I have 3 classes on Wednesdays & 1 class on Thursdays. Hopefully, because of my background in kinesiology, health science, & exercise science, I think I'm going to do well in my first round of prerequisites. (Knock on wood ;))

I am really excited about this experience. Now, that the first day is over, and the initial anxiety has passed, I can actually say that I am enjoying myself. I just hope I don't stress myself out too much trying to be a perfect student this time around. Poor Eric :( He has no idea what's coming...haha!

On a different note, Baylor won their first football game at home yesterday against SMU. Sic' em Bears! So proud to be a Baylor bear. And now proud to be a North Texas Eagle.

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