Why I Run.

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Yes, I know it is almost 4 in the morning, but I couldn't sleep. I am an insomniac.

The other day, I had an acquaintance ask me why I ran. They said that they "couldn't imagine running more than 2 miles at one time without stopping." To which I responded, "at least you run..that's better than most people."
I don't think they expected that response!

I also told this particular person, that it is hard to put into words why I run like I do, but I am going to try and explain it here.

Answer #1--Honestly, I think running is pretty much ingrained in me. I grew up running. My grandmother was a runner, my dad was a runner, my grandfather was a runner, and then I became a runner. I loved every second of competitions, track meets, cross country races...the whole nine yards. I especially enjoyed beating all the boys in my class and age group. Great memories ;) Not many people know this, but I got offered a spot on the cross country team at Hardin-Simmons University, but declined so I could go to Baylor. And it's a good thing I did, because I would never have met my now-husband! :)

Looking good...
Answer #2--Running keeps me in shape. It keeps me healthy. It keeps me active. And it keeps me strong.
I have this goal in life to be as strong as I can possibly be. And as fit as I can possibly be.
But, obviously, that is not the main reason why I run. Even though, it is a very good one.
[PS-In Boston, you would not believe the amount of perfectly shaped runner's legs I saw. True story.]

Answer #3--Running thrills me. I get a special thrill when I race and accomplish goals I set for myself. [Which technically is another part of this answer...I love to set running goals. Obsessed with it.] Call it the competitive side of me.

Answer #4--I love the sights, sounds, and beauty of running. I feel most connected to God when I run. And I feel most connected to nature when I run. There is just something about running in a new place or on a new trail that makes you want to take in everything around you and praise God for all his blessings.

Answer #5--Running is my "me" time. I get away from the world and from the hub-bub of the city life. I am able to dwell in my thoughts, my prayers, and just let everything go. [When I am stressed, Eric always says, "just go for a run Britt". It's true...I come back feeling so much better about life.] In my earlier days of running longer distances, I tended to run with headphones. But now, not so much. Sometimes I really need a good song to push me, but most days, I don't. I absolutely love running without headphones in my ears these days. It really just makes me relax and focus on my run.

Answer #6--I love the endless possibilities of workouts that come with running. I love the variety! What am I going to do today? Long run? Speed workout? Fartleks? Strength exercises? Core exercises? Tempo run? Pace workout? Hill workout? Cross-train? All the above?!

Answer #7 [Probably the most important answer]--Running makes me so incredibly HAPPY! I enjoy running! I feel blessed to have this ability to run wherever, whenever, and however far I want to run. It excites me and makes me giddy inside. It may sound weird to all of you, but it's so true. I get excited knowing that I have a particular run coming up. And when I start all most of my runs, I am genuinely happy to be a part of such a wonderful sport.

Answer #8--I'm 100% addicted.

Tyler Rose Half Marathon 2010
The end.

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