33 Weeks

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Our baby boy weighs 4 pounds and 13 ounces this week! He opens and closes his eyes, differentiates between day and night, and he has his own immune system now.

Nothing new to report this week about me...still trucking along. But we did have two OB appointments this week - one with the high risk OB and one with my general OB.
At the high risk OB, our baby boy's heart rate was 131 bpm...she caught him when he was sleeping (for once!). She also did an ultrasound and was able to get some pictures of his sweet little face in 3D!!

Eric and I agree that it looks like he will have my nose and Eric's lips. We will see soon enough! Now we are just trying to figure out if he looks like the name we have picked out....

Side profile view 

Our baby's face!

Profile view

Based on the ultrasound, he is measuring 34 weeks and 3 days, so a little on the bigger side. His limb length is in the 94th percentile and his head circumference is in the 90th percentile (not sure how that happened....Eric and I don't have large heads!). His heart continues to look strong and healthy, which we are so thankful for! And something else to be thankful for, he is now head down! Hooray!

I went back to my general OB this week just for a checkup. Nothing exciting to report, which is probably a good thing! The baby's heart rate was 140 bpm and so far everything is right on track. I go back in 2 weeks for my next checkup, and then after that appointment, I start going every week...ugh.

We have another baby shower this weekend which we are really excited about! Hopefully we can start to get more done in the nursery after this weekend! Fingers crossed. More updates coming next week!

And just because he is cute, here is Biggio with his new toy that he carries around over his eyes...

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