30 Weeks

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30 Weeks:

This kid is growing like a weed! He now weighs a little over 3 pounds. Our baby boy's bone marrow has started producing red blood cells, his brain is getting the little grooves and indentions, and the soft hair covering his body has started disappearing.

I have been feeling pretty good this week...not as much sciatica pain as usual, which is great news, but it comes and goes, so I never know what the day is going to hold :( I have started having more heartburn, which is causing me to pop Tums like they are sour patch kids.

Eric and I are almost 100% sure on our baby's boy name, so I'm hoping we will reveal it soon! The planner in me is going crazy not having a definite name yet. We have our first baby shower's in the books for July. So excited!! We can't wait to shower this baby with love!

I have another general OB appointment coming up this week, and we have our annual coast trip to Port Aransas with Eric's family coming up too. I am not looking forward to the heat and humidity, but I always love spending time with everyone...maybe in the AC this year though :)

Until next week!

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